Sunday, April 1, 2012

and then there was AWESOMENESS

First let me say this is not an April Fools.  It is a real story.  An amazing story of customer service going above and beyond.  It's a story about a guy named Raf in the Philippeans who went to work at 4:00 yesterday morning for an American company as a customer service dude. 
I have been wrestling with my cable company, Mediacom, for an entire week regarding my inability to watch my On-Demand.  The Killing Season Premiere starts tonight and I had 13 episodes to catch up on.  (I had seen the actual First Episode as a rerun a couple of weeks ago and have been enthralled ever since.)  Every time I turned my TV to On-Demand for my FREE TV Entertainment, I received an error message. 
So at 4:50pm yesterday... 13 1-hour episodes to watch in 24 hours...  fresh from ERX with Dr Asshole... still in pain...  I called Mediacom once again.  Raf answered.  Raf set and reset and tweaked and reset my cable box.  We would occassionally get a picture but it was so pixillated that to watch it would have just been an exercise in futility.  Then he would tweak and the error msg was back.  On and on.  At times, Raf would sit and listen to my delirium for the 20 minutes we would have to wait for it to be time for a reset.  At 6:30 we got disconnected.  Cell phones - yck.
I called Mediacom back - of course it was answered by some other guy some other place who had no idea other than make a service call.  UNACCEPTABLE.  13 episodes, 24 hours.  I was explaining this when a call came in on my cell by an Unknown number.  It was Raf again - he had called the number on the account and my daughter had given him my cell.  So obviously I just hung up on Dude #2 and started back with Raf.  We continued to reset and tweak for another 1 1/2 hours. 
Then Raf says, "I need to go to lunch.  But when I get back I'm going to continue to work on this.  In the meantime, look for my email.  Reply that you've received it, and I'll call  you if I come up with anything."
Within 30 minutes, I received an email from Raf.  In the email were separate links for free internet TV viewings of the first 5 episodes - on different sites.  About 45 minutes later another email with the next 5 episodes on different websites for free viewing.  Two hours later, the last 3 episodes.  At 10:45, Raf called to say he couldn't get anything to work, was doing a service order and what episode was I on?
Raf is 22 years old.  He wants to open a Game Stop-type store in the Philippeans within the next 4 years so he's saving as much money as he can.  He wants to visit California to see a girl he cares about and they made a promise.  And Raf has been dubbed His Majesty Mr Awesomeness by a 50-year old lady in an RV in BFE, FL who had a really bad day.  God love and watch over Raf.
And if I ever could, I would send Raf a ticket to California to see his girl.


P.S.  Mediacom's policy is to NEVER spend more than 5 minutes on the phone with a service call.

"Be kind.  For everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." - Philo

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