Friday, April 20, 2012

The Other...

Here is the other page I spoke of last night.  Well, actually, here it is twice.  This was the hardest yet to photograph even with my crappy photo technique and as-good-as-its-gonna-get attitude.  But I posted the best of the 10+ I took because each better shows different aspects... like the silver reflective paper & alphas and one without all that reflection. The first is from my usual spot and (even with the wind effects and that wierd haziness on the top photo) shows the colors better.  The second is from the inside of the RV last night and actually shows the reflective paper better.  And lets face it, decision-making is not always my strong suit these days.

Challenge #7:  Use a pocket or envelop on the page.

Goodness gracious - surely I will learn how to photograph these things soon!!!!!!!!

Navarre Raiders - Maroon, Black, Silver, White, Pirates and cheerleader polka-dots, oh my!  (And by the way, I threw in all those past ticket stubs behind this year's just so I'll know where they are!)

Okay, I have to go repaint my blue toenails now.  Now you go do something equally creative.


"An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail."  - Edwin Land


  1. Totally love the layout on this one! The little pops of color and the envelope are just perfect!!

    1. Thank so very much Cynthia... It's easy to work with the silver & black (& cheerleader polkadots of course) but burgundy is NOT one of my favorite colors. Your support is overwhelming.