Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Well I can't seem to type today (it's taken several attempts to type every single word to include title) and I have had to delete this post and restart a couple of times.  So I am just going to show you some pix of the layouts I worked on the past few days.

This is the 2-page layout I redid from our Tampa trip.  You can see our Wii Avatars in the corner of each of the photos on the first page.  Also, on the top page, you can see where there is a darker block of cardstock in the top right corner.  This is because I had originally written my journaling on the background in that corner but decided I hated it.  I simply measured from behind my accent in the top to just below my border over the photos and cut a new piece of cardstock to place there.  I didn't realize that the colors were different until I looked at the picture I had taken of it before posting it here.  This was due to the fact that, even though the cardstock was the same color by the same manufacturer, it was different dye lots.  While it was a great fix, make sure you have extra cardstock that was bought together to get it done.  Note:  Thank goodness that as long as you're inside looking at my album, you can't tell the difference exists!

This is another 2-page layout about watching our family entertain at the fair on our trip.  But as you can see, the styles and colors are very different even though the cardstock came from the same pack.  However, there is a teal that is in both layouts.  In order to make these layouts to appear more cohesive I have a little trick I'm going to try and I'll show you that once I get it finished. 

I know it may appear obvious, but there are no premade embellishments on any of these pages other than the journaling tags and the letter stickers.  On the last layout there are really no embellishment other than the journaling card in the bottom right corner:  all other accents are paper and stamps, with the stamped 44 having been altered by Glossy Accents.  See, it is possible to make layouts just from your scraps and stash when you don't have anything else on hand or just want to get a different creative mojo going.  But everyone knows that when spring comes around, we gotta pull out the Prima. So...

This is actually a 1-page layout but I wanted to show you that the picture actually sits on a 'card' that can be opened with the secret journaling on both of the interior pages as well as the back page.  In order for the card to look like just a mat when closed and it would close flat, I sewed the card less than 1/8" to the right of the center fold, stopping just short of the top and bottom.  Also, so that you know that the card actually opens (you could put extra pictures there too) I put a small butterfly on the bottom right corner that peeks out when closed.  I should say that I didn't really plan on the three butterflies over the yellow in the title area, but I had stamped on that spot and, as it was slick, it smeared.  Well it was already stuck down so sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do.  I'm still thinking of changing the title, so the letter stickers haven't been pressed down very hard yet, just kind of stuck there.

I know these aren't the best pictures, but I hope you can get some inspiration and ideas.  If you have a question, leave me a comment.

I hope everybody had a great Easter.  I want to thank my mom for a great lunch (and take homes!!)  and everything else she does for us.  Love you Mom.


"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."  - Marcil Proust

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