Saturday, April 7, 2012

This is Why...

Well I finally had a night and a day when I felt like doing something... anything.  Last night I tore apart a 2-page layout I had finished several weeks ago about our trip to Tampa.  As soon as I had finished it, I hated it.  That ever happen to you? It's fine going along, and then it's done and you feel like, "Wow, what was I thinking?".  So it's been sitting in my album ever since.  It's not even been a case of opening the book and hating it... I actually sit here and think about the fact that I hate it so much and pull out the album and look at it.  Sad.
So I finally just tore it apart.  And I mean ripped it apart as everything was glued down well.  But I salvaged the ribbon.  I salvaged the patterned paper by cutting around it (once I'd removed the pix) and then gently tearing off as much cardstock as possible - thank goodness it was cardstock thickness paper, not the flimsy stuff.  I salvaged the pix, but reprinted them for the new layout, so will give those to GiGi.  Then I started on the new layout using the same patterned paper as well as adding more.  I must say, it came together rather quickly with the new things I've learned lately in mind (good to know that even after 13 years of scrapping, I can still learn a whole new method).  I even got a 3rd page done about my trip based on the same theme.  And now I feel like I have actually accomplished something as not only did I get it done, but I love it so it's really finished.
A sad note... I love to use Sassafrass papers to scrapbook the whimsy - pages about fairs and carnivals, birthdays, funness!  Unfortunately, Sassafrass has stopped making scrapbook papers.  I don't know what I'm going to use now... but I do plan on snatching up as much Sassafrass as possible as soon as I get a chance.

Not only did I get those 3 pages done, but I also started work on my "This Is Why I Scrapbook" project that I found on Shimelle's blog "Pretty Paper..." (listed on the right).  I finished 3 pages of that project as well.  This project I'm doing as an 8x8 minibook so I have scanned the pages I finished today.

The first page is the Cover for my mini-book.  It has some sewing done on it to hold the layers of papers and for some texture. The next 2 pages will make a 2-page layout.  (There will be a title page before this 2-page layout, but I haven't got a picture for that page yet, so it's on hold.)  These 2 pages are done with 4x6 photos on the 8x8 cardstock.  Because the photos take up so much space, I kept the embellishments to a minimum:  using only patterned paper, tags, journaling spots, and the swirly stickers.  The journaling for each of these pages is actually done on 3 x 3 journaling spots that are tucked behind the photos with the little round pull tag showing.  I made those tags by cutting out half circles and gluing them on each side of the tag, with about 3/4 of the tab sticking out to glue together.  Not only does that make this an interactive page, but it solves the problem of trying to find a place for journaling with so little space available. 

I have to admit something... I feel like Wonder Woman tonight.  Getting the 3 12x12 layouts done as well as the 3 pages for my mini-book within 36 hours seems like I have accomplished the impossible.  Even though my face stabbed a few times this afternoon, it's awesome to feel like cutting up some paper and playing with my glue.  Not that I could help myself... sometimes, I just have to scrapbook or make cards; it's like I don't have a choice in the matter.  I have to be creative.  I think that's also what sets off some of my worst depression as it's hard to have this actual need and not have the tools to get it done.  I'm sure that's part of the 'manic', but it's also such a treat to be physically able to do it with the MS not making it impossible to sit or my hands to work long enough to accomplish anything.  

Hope this gives you a little inspiration!  If you feel like you don't like something you've done in the past, don't hesitate to take it apart and do it over.  It will make you feel better and there's nothing wrong with doing it!  You're not saving you're scrapping style of 5 years ago; you're saving the memories and the sentiment in a way that makes you happy and proud.  Also, I know I keep harping on it, but give Shimelle's a blog a look/see and do the This is Why project along with me. (It's an older project so you won't be doing it with the original group; but you can post your layouts in my comments so we can all play together!)  I love all the inspiration I can get, don't you?  And little projects like this are the perfect thing to do just for yourself!


"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls." - Joseph Campbell

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