Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sometimes I Scrap...

Sometimes I scrapbook memories, telling the story of the photos and what they meant to us at that time.  Sometimes I scrapbook the photos, telling just the people and vital information of all those generations past.  Sometimes I scrapbook for fun, choosing from the 100s of photos in order to just play with the pretty paper and fun embellishments.  And sometimes, once in a while, I scrapbook to tell stories of which there will never be photos taken by me or my family - stories about our life, our likes, our dreams.  This layout is one such story... a story with photos taken from the internet in order to tell the story of dreams - a story that belongs in the Book of Me.

Cardstock: The Paper Studio; Pattened Paper: American Crafts, Echo Park, Pink Paislee; Washi Tape: K&Co; Stickers: American Crafts, Echo Park, The Paper Studio; Chipboard: Studio Calico; Mist: October Afternoon; Punches: EK Success, Fiskars, Marvy Uchida; Ink: Colorbox, Ranger; Pen: Sharpie; Other: Photos from Internet

I have to admit that the page was a direct result of being jealous over the travel pages in the Scrapbook Remix class.  But it was also a story I wanted told: the story of how these are the places I dream of seeing, something that my grandchildren need to know about me.  So even though I had to 'borrow' the photos to tell the story, it definitely has a place in my album... and I am not ashamed one bit that these are not my photos nor my adventures to tell.

Got a dream that you want people to know about? Borrow some materials and create beautiful stories all about you.


"The world is but a canvas to the imagination." - Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hot Thursday & Black Friday...

Yes, I was thankful on Thursday.  While my mom & GiGi got up at 4am to drive about 40+ miles to a sale, I slept unusually late.  This was definitely a bad thing.  I was supposed to rise and get the turkey in the oven but because I've had this cold coming on and just feeling yck, I turned over instead of getting up.  Hmmm.  Well, needless to say that when my mom called to say she was on her way home and I had not started the turkey, she was less than pleased. (Well honestly she was less than pleased anyway because the items that she had gotten up before 4:00 and driven in the dark exceedingly far to get were gone before she got out of the car... something to do with vouchers to the first few in line.  She came away with virtually nothing.)  At any rate, when I asked where the cornbread for the dressing that she had baked the night before was put, she was even more irritated.  But of course, dinner was prepared and delicious.  With only the five of us, it was unusually small for Thanksgiving (not even sweet potatoes!); but that was fine as it was more than enough and we are still eating leftovers.
As soon as we finished eating, GiGi and I loaded up and went to WalMart.  There were two sales on Thursday evening - one at 8pm and one at 10pm.  Now I have a little deal that works for me at sale times:  I go to the ATM and pull out $X.00 that will be used for the sale items.  That way I am not tempted by every.single.item. in the store - as I do have some serious shopping issues.  So this was done on the way and the money was split between GiGi and myself for our endeavor which was that Santa is bringing the kids TVs and there was a guaranteed price from 10pm-11pm of a 32" for $148 - now that is a deal.  And even though we were guaranteed a TV at that price, GiGi and I got in queue at about 4:30 to wait for our TV to be put in our cart at 10pm (of course we were first & second in line).  While still with a voucher system, this time it was a little different.  We each got our ticket and then had to stay in queue until the sale time or give up our ticket.  We received "piss pass"es for 20-minute restroom breaks... can  you imagine?!!  Of course, I sent GiGi out on an errand using one of her breaks to scope out other sales.  Another of her breaks was used to go get frappes & a bite at McDonalds.  My passes were used for smoke breaks, with the exception of one true restroom run and one at 8pm to gather up some $3 blu-rays. But then, once I got back in queue at 8:05, I saw that there were Harry Potter DVDs right smack in front of me on sale for less than $2.  I was merely 3-feet from the DVDs but the WalMart Stockboy-police would not let me step up and grab the DVDs.  I tried to explain that I needed a new set of Harry Potter DVDs because the children down the street have no television and I had loaned them all my HP DVDs; if I bought a new set I would merely let the unfortunate children down the street keep the ones they had borrowed.  (I must have DVDs as well as blu-ray because I am the only one in the family with a blu-ray which is in my room.  If anyone wants to watch the movie in another room - say, in the kitchen while they're scrapbooking - it must be on DVD).  Since the Stockboy-police wouldn't let me take 2 giant steps to the DVD rack, I found I had to enlist the help of hurried strangers.  Therefore with just a few "PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can someone help me? I need Order of the Phoenix", "PLEASE PLEASE will someone please hand me Prisoner of Azkaban?", I eventually got all 8 movies in my cart (one nice lady actually got three for me - it's a very small town so if I see her with a flat tire or something, I promise I'll stop!).  Do you know what the stupid Stockboy-police said? He said it was worth saying no just to see me have people get them for me.  Now what kind of attitude is that on Thanksgiving?!!  In the end, I had to put back my blu-rays of the HP movies to afford those $2 DVDs (only so much cash, right!). 
Of course the longer we were in queue the worse I started to feel and thankfully there was a random hanging thingy of cough drops on our aisle (the paper towel aisle!?!), and the longer we were in queue the more GiGi complained that she didn't want to be there.  No problem I explained; if you leave Santa will not be bringing you a new TV - only one per customer and mine would then go to JC (actually, she was buying JCs and I was buying hers as you really can't buy your own Santa gift at 13, it just wouldn't be right).  So in the end, we got the two TVs and two streamer boxes so the kids could get Netflix, VuDu, YouTube, internet whatever on their TVs and each set up cost less than $200 as well as a few other little goodies. 
GiGi had wanted to go Black Friday shopping with her cousins who are 17 and 20? at midnight on Thursday night.  At first I was okay with this as her older cousin is very responsible and the 17-yo only in town for a few days. But then they said they were going to Destin which is about an hour away on a very treacherous highway.  So right there in line at WalMart I reneged on my permission; and no matter who she called to try to override me, they all deferred the permission-giving to me (this is not out of respect, it's just that a) they don't want her pissed off at them and would rather I take the heat, and b) because if I were to get overridden life would be a living hell for days to come). 
As a little soother for my meanness, I promised to take GiGi Black Friday shopping... a very big deal as I hate.hate.hate Black Friday shopping (unless we're going someplace crafty).  So bright and semi-early on Friday I had to climb out of bed, sniffles and all, and drive to town (30 miles or so).  We arrived at the mall at about 10:00 and it was great -  merchandise left,no crowds, no problems.  We only went to a few stores, mainly Aeropostale, Body Central & Rue 21 where GiGi did the shopping while I just shook my head.  She had earned her own money dog-washing, car-cleaning, etc. so I didn't even have to open my wallet.  And I stayed away from any crafty stores - no small feat!!!... but that would have been the undoing of Christmas as I had serious lust in my heart over the coupons available in the newspaper.

 But let's get scrappy.  Because in my past life I was a sloth, I am definitely not getting things done as quickly as before.  While I was spitting out a couple of layouts per Prompt, now I'm lucky to get one done before the next Prompt comes in.  Of course, not only am I abnormally slow - but I'm rather under the weather as well (I think it's all that hot/cold/hot/cold and well if one part of my body goes haywire, so does the MS).  Oh, well - I'll go back and play with these more later! Just more WooHoo moments in my future!
Here is my layout for Prompt 16:

Patterened Paper:  Fancy Pants Design & American Crafts, Echo Park, Crate Paper, Pink Paislee; Stickers:  KI Memories, Sassafras, Paper Studio; Punch: EK Success, Fiskars, Martha Stewart; Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie
I never add embellishment shots, but did this time to show you those lovely letters and the fact that I put my scraps on upside down.  When I laid everything out, the strips were supposed to be the aqua, yellow, zigzag, etc.; but I totally stuck them down in the wrong order... and then as it was very late (not saying) I stuck on the butterfly without even noticing. But trust me once the butterfly was down and I went for a smoke-break and back in to finish, OH MY!!!! I saw it.  And that is one sticky sticker, that butterfly.  I tried to find other letters to replace the pink in that space and all I had was purple - not so good.  So it is what it is.  GiGi likes it so that's all that matters in the end anyway.
Why in the world did I pick those papers in the first place?  Well because they all were in my scrap basket, of course!
Then there's this redo because I really didn't like these pages as were, so I like them a little better now... still not sure.

 And for Prompt 20:
 Patterned Paper:  Echo Park, Fancy Pants, My Minds Eye; Stickers: American Crafts, Echo Park, Simple Stories; Punches: Fiskars, Marvy Euchida; Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie; Other: Adobe Photoshop Elements
{Yes I fixed the title so that the "WE" is now just over the space between 'british' & 'boys'... much more cohesive - well, who knows what I was thinking in that first place!?!?!}
So sad that the Scrapbook Remix class is almost over; but I'll still be doing it for about a week or two before getting on my Christmas bandwagon.  But you know, even then I'll need to find my ScrapHappiness very often - and you should too.
"Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art." - Konstantin Stanislavsky

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A New Day, A New Page...

I think the best part of this class is the people I 'meet'.  Of course, I guess it goes with online scrapbooking participation. On the Shimelle Challenge Weekend in April I 'met' some wonderful women, a few who have changed my life:  my best blond (blog friend for the lazy; okay, I made that up) Cynthia  and, even though I've never seen her face, I absolutely adore her... without even knowing it she helped me through some rough days and I am eternally grateful for her hugs; and, Mandy who has a heart the size of the earth and does wonderful things for people the world over. I have no local friends in real life - not whining, just rather shy, busy, tired; and, all the friends I've ever made were from work or hang-outs... I do neither anymore.  I've only ever been to one crop in 13 years and made a few acquaintances there that I adore, but we have little in common so face-to-face conversation is hard for me after the first 10 minutes and I become uncomfortable. Then here I am online at the Scrapbook Remix class and all these people that I get tidbits from here and there are special to me... there's one whose homelife seems similar to my own, someone that 'says' things that I have to double-check to make sure it didn't come from me, a lady that was so sweet it made me want to get on a plane right now and go meet her (and I hate to fly!), and so many many more.  What an experience these online classes and crops are! I never knew! I am so thankful that I found out during this juncture of my life... it's exactly what I need.  I'll be sad when it's over.

WooHoo... Prompt!

Here's what I've been doing:

Cardstock: The Paper Studio; Patterned Paper: Crate Paper, Pink Paislee; Journaling Spot: Echo Park; DieCuts: October Afternoon; Stickers: American Crafts, Echo Park; Flair: American Crafts; Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie

Cardstock: The Paper Studio; Patterned Paper: Crate Paper, Echo Park; Journaling Spots:K&Co; DieCuts & Buttons: October Afternoon; Stickers: American Crafts, Echo Park; Flair: American Crafts; Tag: Office Depot; Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie

Cardstock: The Paper Studio; Patterned Paper: Crate Paper, Echo Park; Washi Tape: October Afternoon; Stickers: American Crafts; Wood: Studio Calico; Tag; Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie

Cardstock: The Paper Studio; Patterned Paper: Crate Paper, Echo Park, Fancy Pants; DieCuts: October Afternoon; Stickers: Echo Park, The Paper Studio; Flair: Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie
Yes, there is a common thread through these pages!
Note: That picture of me & mom is seriously bad due to the photo paper I used.  I always tell mom not to waste her ink on anything less than Advanced Photo Paper, and there I did it because it was late at night and my legs wouldn't let me drive (been having some serious MS flair the last few days and everything has to pay - at least I can still sit in my chair, scrapbook and use my computer! - life is actually good!). 
Anyway, after skipping a few Prompts, finally got one done.  For a few weeks, due to technical difficulties, the Prompts were coming slower and I was chomping at the bit waiting for the next one after finishing my layouts.  Then life and MS got in the way and I fell behind.  (I'm not even sure what I missed, so have to go back and figure all that out.)  Now we have an extra week of class, the Prompts are coming fast and furious and I'm working as fast as I can.  WooHoo!!! On top of falling behind, I have discovered extra challenges that I missed in a few of the previous Prompts, so I will be doing this throughout December while awaiting taking the Pretty Paper Party in January (a group of Remixers are all going back and taking the class)... unless of course Shimelle comes up with something else!  Also want to take the Cover to Cover class about figuring out your albums - yes, this is the one I whined about back in May - so happy to finally get to take that!
Ah-oh, Prompt reminder... Gotta go scrap... you should too!
"Nothing is more exciting and bonding in relationships than creating together." - Steven R Covey

More Layouts...

Just catching up with the Scrapbook Remix class... so here are some layouts.

Scrapbooking Remix Prompt #11 Part Deux:

Cardstock: Cardstock Warehouse; Patterned Paper:  Echo Park, My Minds Eye; Stickers: American Crafts, Echo Park, Simple Stories; DieCuts/Wood: Studio Calico; Tags: Office Depot; Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie
Scrapbook Remix Prompt 14:
Cardstock:  The Paper Studio; Patterned Paper: Crate Paper, Echo Park, Fancy Pants; Stickers: Echo Park, Martha Stewart, Pebbles Inc; DieCuts:  American Crafts, Echo Park; October Afternoon; Bling & Brads: The Paper Studio; Punch: Creative Memories,  EK Success; Martha Stewart; Twine: Doodlebug; Tape: Hampton Arts, K&Co, Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie; Other: Flowers
 As always, I hope you have a scrap happy day.
"It's not about standing still and becoming safe. If anybody wants to keep creating they have to be about change." - Miles Davis 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Scrapbookers...

These days I feel like the dog in the movie "Up" (I love this movie and highly recommend whether you have kids or not - Ed Asner as a grumpy old man, who would have thunk?!).  So the dog is having a conversation with Ed Asner, (by means of a device) and mid-sentence he says "Squirrel!" and is totally diverted.  That's me these days... except the word is "Prompt!". 

So I have compiled a list of the things you might hear around the house if you stopped by (maybe actually coming from my foul mouth, maybe just the voices in my head).
  • Leave me alone... I'm in my happy place, dammit!
  • I have homework I must get done for my class so I can't do that today.
  • I know I'm taking up the kitchen table, but I've been considering moving it all into your room.
  • No, I don't have any scissors!
  • No, I can't make you a sandwich... I have adhesive on my fingers.
  • Don't sweep around me - all those little pieces are for embellishment clusters!
  • Oh, that was nothing - just my punch got stuck... oh, and I think we may need to replace this tile.
  • WooHoo....Prompt!
  • Everybody's hungry! Have an M&M!
  • Will you make him stop choking... I'm trying to get my letters on straight.
  • If I wanted to look at you, I'd be scrapbooking your picture right now.
  • I heard you... you said yada yada yada blah blah blah.
  • I know you're sick, but get out of the bathroom so I can put on my makeup and take a photo for my avatar.
  • I'm sorry I'm 3-hours late picking you up, but I gotta Prompt.
  • Look, the only reason I had you in the first place was so that I could scrapbook my grandkids - go away.
  • Did somebody touch one of my pink brads?!
  • Honey, I'm sure your leg is only a little broken... it can wait until I post this page to the gallery.
  • Oh My Gosh.  OH MY GOSH.  Did anyone see a little punched butterfly?  DID ANYONE SEE A LITTLE PUNCHED BUTTERFLY?!!!  (Can't you make another one?) Oh.
  • No, I don't have lunch money baby... I need adhesive.
  • My Prompt's not here yet... I think I need a Xanax.
  • How many times do I have to tell you not to eat in the kitchen?!!
  • What?  What?  What?  What?  What?  What?  What?  What?  What?  What?  What?  What?

Todays layouts are brought to you by Scrapbook Remix Extended Play 04/Prompt 10 and Prompt 11:
Cardstock: The Paper Studio; Patterned Paper: Echo Park; Stickers: American Crafts, Echo Park; Twine: Doodlebug; Spray: October Afternoon; Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie

Cardstock: The Paper Studio; Patterned Paper: American Crafts, Crate Paper, Echo Park, Pink Paislee; Journaling Spots: Crate Paper; Stickers: American Crafts, Simple Stories; Chipboard: Studio Calico; DieCut: TLC; Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie

NOTE:  I know butterflies have nothing to do with fishing... or arrows... or maps.  But it's for my personal album and butterlies provide continuity - besides, is a layout really done if there aren't any butterflies?

Go have some fun & be creative today... you deserve it!


"We should not forget to enjoy the experience of daily creativity, whatever that may entail." - Diane Carter 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Scrapbooking Costs - A Note...

You know how sometimes you finish a conversation and think about it later.  Well that's what happened with my Scrapbooking Costs.  I thought about it and it occurred to me that the list would be perfect for tax deductions.  I'm just wondering how the IRS is going to react when they see it attached to "Occupation:  Scrapbook Blogger, Income: $0".  Hmmm.


The evolution of my style is so obvious... here are examples of my pages from the beginning until now:
1999 (GiGi's BabyBook) - My first scrapbook ever!  Poor GiGi, there's only about 3 pages in this book that have any journaling at all.  I suppose I need to go back and fill in the pages as it's more like a photo album than a scrapbook.  Those letter stamps with the dots on the corners, punched Pooh bears (her 'theme'), that patterned paper, deco scissors and those corner punches that were like using a vice, everything matted, and that spiral bound book with no page protectors (what was I thinking?).  But it's still a pretty little book even though, like most albums, it's not complete!  Time to work on that again.
2004-2005 (GiGis Big Changes) - orderly even with lots of torn paper (which I hate to admit I still like), eyelets, mulberry paper & vellum, ribbon, computer generated journaling (a little more by now), checking out ways to use glitter, lots of quotes, lots of cardstock and new K&Co coordinating paper.  Still like this one too even though a few of the pages make me cringe.
2009 - Patterned Paper by now but lots of it is DCWV.  Journaling has virtually disappeared again.  Love me some stickers and ribbon, and the flowers, butterflies and birds have made an appearance,  still lots of cardstock, orderly, pages are pretty simple with the exception being that Spring page that I just had a great time on, practically NO journaling (maybe 2 pages, maybe).
2011-2012 - What a difference a year makes... or a Shimelle makes.  2011 I still looked like a novice, feeling my way around....pages with experiments in layering on a few pages (definitely experimental), lots of patterned paper still (and I mean LOTS) but usually staying within one collection, lots more flowers; found my Thicker heaven; still minimal journaling but a little bit more and all in my own writing. 
2012 brought me to Shimelle and by September when that 2nd layout was made, I had found my way.  There is lots of teal in my pages because it's finally available in abundance;  more journaling - almost every single layout has journaling and I love my Sharpie; layers and layers and clusters and clusters - lots of patterned paper and my flowers and butterflies have found their groove; lots of letter stickers and Thickers; kraft cardstock is my best friend... I'm having the time of my life.

Are you as creative as when you started?  Do you miss doing something just because it's not trendy anymore?  Go do it again and get your mojo flowing.
"In order to have a real relationship with our creativity, we must take the time and care to cultivate it.' - Julia Cameron

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Scrapbooking Costs...

Okay, honestly, I've been a day behind since Saturday.  Sometimes I go ahead and write my posts for the next day when I think about what I want to write about... like Friday (10 Things) and today.  But instead of saving it for tomorrow and just being ahead of myself, I'm gonna do what I just do sometimes and post two in one day.  Mainly because it's my blog and I can do what I want (unlike real life where everybody has to say something about everything I do - house is getting way too small... but that's for another day when I have 10 Things I Want to Bitch About!!!!!!).  Anyway {in sweetest little Minnie Mouse voice ever}...

There was a discussion on the Scrapbook Remix forum regarding what we spend on scrapbooking.  I've named a few things that should probably be taken into consideration before being dispelled:

Adhesive, albums, classes, pens, good scissors and photo paper should never count as they are absolute necessities. Shipping never counts because it's like A/C in the car (really, I spend $300 and you're charging $20 more to ship that shit?!).  Gas for your car because you have to drive an hour for adhesive... for that matter, go ahead and write off your entire Hobby Lobby/Michaels/WalMart/etc. purchase because you wouldn't have spent that much if you didn't have to buy adhesive in the first place. Furniture for your scrap room... or a new house if your current one doesn't have space for a scrap room.  Going out and doing stuff just so you'll have new photos to scrapbook later.  A new camera for better photos on the layouts you show off in class galleries.  A new iphone so that you get instant updates on blogs & Prompts.  New Aeropostale sweats because they are the most comfortable things to wear while scrapbooking.  Fast food because you refuse to stop & cook in the middle of your scrapbooking furor.  The costs of your internet because you no longer have an LSS in your area/you need to download family Facebook pix/a new class just came online.  The power bill because you're burning lights througout the night finding a little scrapping peace after everyone goes to bed.  Pharmaceuticals that must be purchased for your poor aching back and neck.  New glasses because you've gone blind looking at the computer, putting your face up, down and sideways to check out your layouts, and reading blogs on your phone. Your grandchildren - period.   Surgeons' bills for that Carpal Tunnel.  New computer and photoprinter/scanner for taking classes, printing photos, scanning layouts etc.  Anything in the house caffeine related.  Any and all magazines as they serve as inspiration.  Any and all paper that a sketch, title or idea may be doodled on.  All purses/bags as there is probably a pen, scissors, photo or adhesive in them that came off  your scrap desk.  Paper towels, baggies and wax paper as they may be used for storing or cleaning scrap supplies.  Water bills for running to the bathroom after drinking all that caffiene during your scrapping frenzy.  A new top-load washer because the front-load leaked soaking the wire basket of Thickers on the floor in the kitchen (true story) and the $300+ it costs to replace those Thickers (didn't happen).  Candy & deodorant (who has time for real food and showers?!).  New DVDs/CDs to watch/listen to while scrapbooking.  Manicures... period.  New countertops in the kitchen because you can't get all the glue/paint off.  Brooms, vacuum cleaners, etc. for scrapping cleanup before company comes.  Tutors because "who has time to help with homework when I've got to scrap these pictures of you doing homework?!".  Candles to mask the smell of those dirty dishes that keep piling up while you're sitting at the kitchen table in scrapbooking hysteria.  Money spent paying your kids to smile at the camera.  All late payments on bills that haven't been paid due to your scrapbooking delirium. Hair stylists so that you can take a decent avatar photo for those comments on other people's scrappy blogs.   Doggy snacks so they'll just shut up and leave you alone.  Bank charges for overdrafting because 2Ps just put that October Afternoon stuff on sale and it's midnight & Studio Calico just put up the most awesome add-ons. New video camera so that you can actually watch sporting events after you get home because you were too busy taking photos to actually see anything while there.   Any and all gifts... (you know we only buy people gifts so that we can photograph the opening of them and scrapbook it later).  Hypnosis for recalling all those childhood memories.  Airline tickets...always (if you're going to fly somewhere you're going to photograph something you're going to scrapbook someday - thus, every flight is essentially a scrapbooking excursion).  New fans because scrapbooking is hard work.  All television, gaming consoles & satellite/cable bills because they're used to keep your family busy so they leave you alone while you're scrapping away.  Last but certainly not least, the psychiatrist/rehab center where your family finally just breaks down and sticks you.  But then I'm sure I missed something. Hmmm.

Scrap Away you Maniac!


"Creative individuals place a high value on fun because it enables them to soar in their other pursuits." - Jordan Ayan

Scrapbook Remix 10...

This is one of the photographs I took at the GCYSA Cheer Competition on Saturday (one of the most horrid days ever!).  Happily, the girls took home the 1st Place trophy.  But the big surprise was when GiGi 'flew'.  I did not know she even knew how to get in the air (she's a front-spot in their 'stunt group').  But she went up so fast and easy, not even the least little tremble - and that certainly was no easy feat holding that trophy.  I asked if she wasn't nervous and she said no, she trusted her friends.  And she made on very beauty 10+foot tower.
This is my layout for Prompt 10, such as it is.  I've noticed that I don't mind my layouts becoming a little less embellished at times... if it feels done, it's done - and I don't just keep trying to pile stuff on for the sake of having more.

Flying High - Cardstock: The Paper Studio; Patterned Paper: Crate Paper, Echo Park; Washi Tape: Hampton Arts, K&Co; ;Stickers/DieCuts/Flair: American Crafts; Journaling Spot: Echo Park; Twine: Hampton Arts; Punches: The Paper Studio; Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie
Yes, I've used the same  'Fancy' Thickers the last couple of layouts... and that's just fine because they are my favorite.  GiGi's team colors are Maroon, Black & Silver - but I'm just kind of tired of that after 7 years, so I used pink/red, black & gray.  I am so happy with the alternative that I may use it to scrap all of this year's cheer photos (oh my, I'll probably have to buy more paper. LOL!)   I do love that Crate Paper black tiny herringbone that's behind the photo and how it goes so well with the black chevron on the Echo Park journaling spot.  Honestly, I just love that herringbone and can't wait to use it on a boy page next.  It's just the little things that tickle my fancy!
I have to go find my car keys (I have totally lost them!) and then clean the garage - while waiting for my next class prompt of course.  I hope everyone creatively endeavored today, in spirit if not in practice.
"You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." - Maya Angelou

Monday, November 12, 2012

Why I Love Scrapbooking, Reasons 1 & 123...

Reason #123 - Scrapbooking Karma:  Do I believe in karma?  Well, I certainly believe in 'what goes round, comes round'.  Even more, today I believe in other karma... scrapbooking karma.  I suppose there are all kinds of scrapbooking karma and, of course, we've all experienced our share of scrapbooking karma whether we recognized it or not.  One remembered definite karma experience is the fact that I had spent months unable to get anything done and what I did get done took days for the simplest layout.  Then in April I spent 4 days scrapping my heart out during Shimelle's weekend... the fact that my MS gave me a small reprieve just in time for that weekend was definite karma. 
But today it was so blatant that I just had to share.  It started when I saw GiGi brushing her teeth in the bathroom.  I decided that the story behind her stance was one that I definitely wanted to scrapbook and immediately decided the title from a phrase GiGi said about why I took the picture.  Later I printed the photo and threw it in the felt box where I keep all those photos I want to scrapbook soon.  Even later, I read the Extended Play from my Scrapbook Remix class, decided that I would use the aforementioned photograph, and then, still later, chose the papers I would use for my layout based on my decided title.  Papers chosen, I retrieved my photo from the box and threw it into the bag... that's when I saw what had happened - the papers were a perfect match to the photo.  In fact, if I had chosen papers based on the photo rather than title, these would have been the exact papers I would have picked.  It was totally bazaar that it had worked out this way... or actually, scrapbooking karma.

We Have Teen Flamingo Genes...Cardstock: The Paper Studio; Patterned Paper: Echo Park; DieCuts: October Afternoon; Stickers: American Crafts, Echo Park, Simple Stories; Journaling Cards: Echo Park; Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie
This is also a prime example of the Number One Reason that I Love Scrapbooking:  If it weren't for scrapbooking, these stories would never be told.  My mother wasn't much into taking photos unless it was an 'occasion'; and even then, there's no photographs of many... and there certainly aren't narratives that go along with any of them. So unlike many who can go back and scrapbook moments in their childhood, that isn't the case for me.  Yes, it's great to scrapbook all those old photographs of my ancestors and document the information I researched adding the stories I heard from my grandmother.  And it is certainly grand to tell the narratives of each holiday, birthday, school & sporting event, vacation, etc.  But it's that peek into the everyday that means the most to me.  As scrapbookers, we not only capture the 'occasions', we have found the importance in the trivial moments, the fleeting memory...  we see the beauty and story in watching a young girl brush her teeth.  That makes us some of the luckiest people on earth.
Go find your creative karma... just look at all those trivial moments around you that need a story told!


"The best way to help people to maximize their creative potential is to allow them to do something they love. " -  Teresa Amabile

Sunday, November 11, 2012

10 Things - Late Again...

Yesterday was the first of GiGi's annual cheerleading competitions.  It was the most horrid day I have experienced in a long time and all that will probably come out later.  But now, I want to share the 10 Things post that should have went out last night had I not been utterly exhausted...

This month, I am going to do my 10 Things on my favorite scrapbooking supplies/tools (these are the things that sit on my scrap 'desk' at all times).  A lot of these I have stated throughout past blog posts, but I think its time to make a consolidated list. So here it is in no specific order (as my own sense of the importance of each changes from day to day):

1.  Sharpie Ultrafine Pens... yes, I have talked about them before and they are in every list of layout supplies.  Brown, gray and black are my favorite - but honestly, I love them all.  I use them for all my journaling as well as calendar entries, card signing and love notes to the kiddos.  Is there anything more perfect?

2.  EK Success border punches... again, I've said it before but it's worth repeating.  Compact, spot on indicators, easy mechanism, precise cuts.  What more can you ask for?

3.  Ranger Distress Ink Pads... used on almost every single layout to ink the edges of my papers, on all my heritage layouts to give that vintage feel, used with stamps so that my imperfections look purposeful.  What would I do without them?

4.  Martha Stewart butterfly punches... specifically the two butterflies punches.  I love these punches!!!  I use them so often that I actually forget that I have chipboard or wooden elements to use in lieu of them.  My philosophy: Is a layout actually finished if there's not a bird or butterfly somewhere on it?

5.  Thermoweb Sticky Dots... the 8.5x11 die-cut sheets. I've been using them for as long as I can remember and when I run out, I panick. Everything from punches to gems to ribbons. Its absolutely the perfect product. Is there anything better than what we consider perfection?

6.  American Crafts papers... While I lusted for Echo Park papers during the 'black days' (and absolutely for good reason as they are my favorite paper lines ever!), it's the AC papers that I got at a discount house that sneak into almost every layout.  These papers are all small, bright prints (basically what we'd call B-sides) with solid flip-sides.  So, if I'm using them on every layout, doesn't that qualify as an absolute necessary supply?

7.  Pop Dots... or squares.  This was one of the first things I purchased after an album and patterned  paper 13 years ago and they are still my absolutely favorite go-to item - so much so that I almost forgot about them as I just take them for granted.  Now I have two size of black as well as teeny white dots, tiny white squares, tiny dots, medium dots, regular dots and squares.  While I love the square, I even like the fact that after I use the dots, I cut up the 'leftovers' to make small 'sheets' of pop adhesive (does that make sense?).  Can you imagine me making three consecutive layouts without them?

8.  Avon tweezers... I use my tweezers constantly.  Since I have no fingernails, I use them to place everything from gems to little letter stickers to pop dots.  What would a girl do without a good pair of tweezers?

9.  Recollections scissors... okay this is a new purchase.  I have a lovely trio of scissors in their own zipper case that I got at Michaels (on sale) about a month ago and they have been a life saver.  From cutting out cameras on my 'This & That' paper to snipping corners on my pinwheels, they are the absolute best purchase I have made.  Besides, how can anyone scrapbook without scissors?

10.  Thickers... of course.  It's an obsession.  Especially the foam ones.  I use the others of course, but my absolute favorites are any of the foam - I love the texture and durability.  Seriously, what did we do before Thickers?

Of course, I could go on and on:  flowers, CM square punch, 3-ring Binder Albums (best thing since Hersheys Syrup), 1,000s of decorative brads, Glue Dots, CM Corner Rounder, Gelly Roll White Pen...  Honestly, my desk is just a little crowded but there is nothing there that I don't use regularly.  I may very well do this post on any other given month with an entirely different lists of 'favorites'.

 What are the absolute necessities in your scrap world? 


"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes." - Scott Adams

Friday, November 9, 2012

Scrapbook Remix #9...

As I may have mentioned, GiGi has a plan.  High School, University of Alabama for a degree in Graphic Arts, then moving on to London where she will find a job and model (which she has gone to school for) to make ends meet.  There are little signals everywhere in our house to keep an eye on England.  That being said, one of the signals is an orange, round clock set to London time.

Very late last night (about 3:00am London-time) I received Prompt #9 for my Scrapbook Remix class.  Needless to say I didn't start last night, but had an idea on the photo I would work with today.  (However, we didn't get to bed until after 12:00 and overslept just enough this morning that I had to drive GiGi to school bright and early!)  At about 7:30 this morning I reread the Prompt, rewatched the video, and decided that I would take one of the examples provided and go hog wild.  I did things like choose papers that I absolutely know don't go together.  I askewed my matting layers.  I even dripped paint on a diagonal across my background paper.  In other words, I took all those little bits that I have been avoiding throughout the class and dumped on this page.  This is how it ended up:

Patterned Paper: Crate Paper, Sassafras; Stickers: American Crafts, Echo Park, October Afternoon; Wood: Studio Calico; Tape, Paint & Diecuts: October Afternoon; Flair: American Crafts; Pen: Sharpie
I know that my clusters aren't overwhelming, but I had to redo and redo because I just kept getting things crooked.  Finally getting everything straight, I'd call it done - go outside - come back for a look - change things... about 3-4 times.  But that's process and progress for you.
I'm keeping this page just the way it ended up.  I probably won't make crooked layers again, not a big fan.  And really, I still don't like the paint dripping - but I might try it again on different paper just to make sure.  But I am fairly positive that I will try a couple of more layouts using the Prompt(s) this weekend, so will definitely post them when they're finished.
As I woke up with a crick in my neck that is now shooting pains down my arm and I have to take GiGi to the football game tonight, I'm going to take a nap. 
I hope everyone has a great, great Friday.  It's a long weekend, so unless you're travelling you oughta be creating!
"In order to have a real relationship with our creativity, we must take the time and care to cultivate it." - Julia Cameron


Thursday, November 8, 2012

For Cynthia...

Cynthia at The Wandering Buckeye had the recommendation that I should make a second page for the layout I did the other day and messed up on.  I decided that was a great idea; I would take that opportunity to write about my MS and how it affects me.  So this post is the completed two page layout and then a photo of the second page only.  I know that the only similarities paper & embellishment wise are the background papers; but I applied another Scrapbook Remix discussion to it, trying something a little different, and it looks just fine in my album.

Patterned Paper: Crate Paper, Pink Paislee, Sassafras; Sticker: October Afternoon, Pen: Sharpie; Other: Washi Tape\

 Thank you Cynthia for this great suggestion.  It gave me a chance to talk about this new fact of my life that I have never really journaled about before (and the handwriting itself is a key to this new 'personality' as it looks nothing like what I write IRL!). 
So take Cynthia's suggestion and create something reflecting some part of your life that isn't necessarily pleasant or that you just don't talk about.... you don't need a photo to do that.
"No man has the right to dictate what other men should perceive, create or produce, but all should be encouraged to reveal themselves, their perceptions and emotions, and to build confidence in the creative spirit." - Ansel Adams

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Just a Layout...

Not feeling so well today... went to bed at 7:30 last night and, after getting up at 5:00am to get GiGi to school and going back to sleep at 6:30am once she left, got out of bed at 9:45.  That's a long sleep.  Couldn't even get up at 9:00 last night when GiGi got home from Cheer practice.  At any rate, it's 3:30 pm and I'm still in my 'loungewear'!  But I did do a layout today, sometimes it just makes me happy enough to feel better.  So here it is and I'll just post something later when I feel better.

Patterned Paper:  American Crafts, Echo Park, Fancy Pants; Stickers: American Crafts, Echo Park, Pebbles; Gems: Hampton Arts; Punches: Creative Memories, EK Success; Ink: Ranger; Pen; Sharpie

I Echo Park Paper.  And that's all I'm going to say about that.

I took the layout outside to photograph and once I got it downloaded noticed how odd the colors were in the shade and how many shadows showed in the sun so am showing both of those.  But honestly I just didn't feel like going through that whole process again, so it is what it is.

Create something lovely - and if you have any wonderful hints on how I can photograph mine, let me know!!


"Creativity comes from my heart; unfortunately, my mind often gets in the way."

Monday, November 5, 2012

Scrapbook Remix #8...

Well, it's been such a busy day!!! Got up at 5:15 to get the kids off to school, then read Prompt 8 from Shimelle's Scrapbook Remix class, watched one of my favorite movies "Easy Virtue", then went to Lowe's with mom to get a washer, oven, & microwave as they have all gone kaput and we've just put it off as long as possible (well the washer wasn't kaput, but it's a front-loader and we have hated it since practically the day it was delivered!).  Finally got home and it was time for GiGi to come home, had to clean out the old oven, the garage, & the laundry room as they deliver the appliances tomorrow.  My mom left at 2:00 to take my daughter to ER (she's been having severe pains in her side for a month and finally talked her into going to ER!) and it's now 9:00 and she hasn't returned.  I had to leave my dad alone to take GiGi to cheer practice so hopefully she'll get a ride home.  Then at 8:15 someone from church came and got our old washer (they really needed one) and that took forever as it was heavy.  I started scrapping at about 2:30 and between my dad, GiGi, the 5 dogs I finally finished at 8:00.  Just one layout.  And I messed it up.  It went straight into the album and, of course, there's the chance that within a week it will be taken apart and redone.  Here it is:

Patterned Paper:  American Crafts, Pink Paislee; Stamps:  7 Gypsies, American Crafts; Stickers:  American Crafts; Punches:  Creative Memories, EK Success, Fiskars, Martha Stewart; Bling: Hampton Arts; Other: Hipstamatic

Really the only thing I hate are the stamps... I became totally distracted in the middle of stamping... both times!!!  So, the bottom right is really the only stamping that came out okay - that was the point when I figured out my mistake... I had forgotten that I had already stamped the cameras and then came back and stamped the 'Proof'.  It was stupid.  But with the MS, distractions are just not a good thing.  I forget what I was doing before I stopped, and then just carry on not noticing what I have done - concentrating on what to do next.  Does that make any sense at all?

Okay, that's all.  I'm tired and going to bed.  Tomorrow starts at 5:30am and it's 11:00 now.  Just spoke with my mom and they are on their way home, my dad's watching football, GiGi's home from cheer, so I'm going to lay down.... I know that when mom walks in the front door, I will totally pass out. 

Sweet Dreams to you all... that's where our creativity starts don't you think.


P.S. Check out Cynthia's awesome tag on The Wandering Buckeye - she inspires me all the time!

"Ideas are the seeds, not the substance, of creativity." - Michael Schrage

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Scrapbook Remix Prompt 7...

 Yes, I'm still Remixing. These are my most current pages in response to all the material provided regarding Prompt 7...
Patterned Paper: American Crafts, Echo Park, Sassafras; Journaling Spot: Sassafras; Stickers: American Crafts, Doodlebug, EK Success, Sandylion, Sassafras, The Paper Studio; Paper Flowers: Making Memories; Punches: EK Success, Fiskars; Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie; Other: Adobe Photoshop Elements, Pixlr

Cardstock: Colorbok, The Paper Studio; Patterned Paper: Cosmo Cricket, Echo Park, My Minds Eye, Pebbles, Sassafras; Stickers: American Crafts, KI Memories; Flowes: Recollections; Stamp: Hero Arts; Tape: American Crafts; Twine: Doodlebug; Ink: Ranger, Tsukineko; Punches: Fiskars, Martha Stewart; Gems: Hampton Arts, Queen&Co; Pen: Sharpie; Tag: Office Depot; Other: Chipboard Hearts
So, here's the scoop:  The first one I made after just a hint of the subject matter and, even though still in my same old habit of embellishment placement, it really has a lot of stuff in each of those clusters - much more than I usually apply to a layout.  So while still definitely mine, it's just a little much... and that's okay because it's basically for GiGi's 'personal' album (you know the one I'm talking about - the one that has all those layouts I've been making for challenges or class or just for fun!).
The second layout was done as a result of reviewing all of the class material.  And while still definitely my page and even though it doesn't look much different than many of my other layouts, I worked inordinately hard maybe overthinking the process.  Or maybe it just seemed like it as I would walk away, then come back and totally rework the embellishment clusters... doing that over and over.  It's not uncommon for me to just walk away from a layout for a fresh perspective before returning and finishing it.  And, as discussed in a previous blog post, I almost always pin my layouts up for a while and admire them, sometimes finding things I need to change (like upside down paper!).  Also discussed in a more previous post, it is not uncommon for me to dislike one of my layouts so much that, even if I put it straight into an album, it haunts me until I take it out and rework the entire thing.  So maybe I wasn't really processing the layout any differently than always (as some just take me longer due to interruptions, being tired, etc.) and it just felt like I was overthinking due to the Prompt.  But needless to say, this definitely wasn't a four layout day... or weekend. 
Of course, scrapbooking is always dependent on my MS as anyone with a chronic illness can relate.  How tired or how much pain I'm in dictates how long it takes to get anything done, or even if anything does get done at all.  And then there's the sneakiness of MS - that little symptom that you don't even know is present until you really think about what's going on - that issue of stupidity (Call me... forgot how to dial the phone.  Sign your name... pull out my license so I can remember how.  Glue paper to paper... what?).  So whether I get four layouts done a day or one layout in three days (thank God for the weekend), it's just good to be able to sit up and remember to glue paper A to paper B and add C - sometimes just that process of ABC feels like overthinking. 
Was gonna say bye now, but wanted to add a movie review.  Took my daughter, GiGi, JC & friend to show today where we proceeded to divide up to all see something different.  Daughter saw 'Chasing Mavericks' - loved it! (how can you go wrong with Gerard Butler?!!).  GiGi, JC & friend saw 'Fun Size' - GiGi rated it okay, boys really liked it. 
I saw Cloud Atlas.  Okay, that is one strange movie.  It's actually six stories about six different points in time (past, present, future) in one movie with no precise connection (other than the fact that there are mainly 8+ people playing parts throughout each story) and all intermingled to the point that there is no way to know what or when the next scene in the movie will be about.  I mean, you sort of get the connection of the stories throughout the movie, but it's definitely not hitting you over the head - it's a very subtle theme/message which I am not going to spoil for you.   Each story has a definitive ending but the movie has no overall ending. So you sit there through the credits thinking about it just a little longer wrapping up the package in your head.  You will either really like it or really not.  I really liked it (and not just because, I am a serious Tom Hanks fan) and the more I think about it, the more I like it.  But my momma would have absolutely hated it - I am definitely going to recommend she not see it so I don't have to hear about how stupid she thinks it is!
Okay, that's all for tonight.  I hope everyone had an excellent weekend.  I hope either you created something wonderful during the past couple of days because you were off work, or you're definitely going to create something awesome in the next couple because you worked all weekend.
"It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to be wrong, than to be always right by having no ideas at all." - Edward de Bono

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ScrapRemix 6...

Can you believe that I am still scrapbooking!?!  I have kept up so far!!! I'm so happy! 

I don't have a whole lot to talk about today other than the Scrapbook Remix class taught by Shimelle at Pretty Paper.True Stories.  Today's Prompt dealt with scale as well as using vintage inspired large printed paper.  I liked today's 'lesson' very much, though I had to read it several times before I really understood what I was supposed to do for 'homework' - but that's me these days, a whole lot of "Huh?" going on in my life; it is what it is.

I made a two-page layout; well, actually I made two layouts about the same thing with one title.  Usually if I make a two-page layout, I try to at least use the same background paper on each page.  But today I created two layouts with respect to a couple of the different aspects of the Prompt using the same subject.  Does that make sense?  Well, I suppose the best way to explain it is to just show you!


Patterned Paper: American Crafts, Crate Paper, Echo Park, K&Co, MyMindsEye; Stickers: American Crafts, Daisy Ds, Echo Park, Making Memories, The Paper Studio; Twine: Doodlebug; Bows: WalMart; Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie; Other: Adobe Photoshop Elements

So now you can kind of see what I mean:  Each layout stands on its own except that one has a title only, the other journaling.  There are common elements such as the same patterned paper pieces, twine & bow.   I could have used the same background paper on both pages, but I was trying out a couple of the methods.  And as it is, I quite like this in my album - it still flows well but it's just more interesting than the other two-page layouts I have.  I may very well always do my two-page layouts like this in lieu of the traditional method.

These are what I refer to as the necessary layouts because they go into one of the albums as part of that story... in this case our 2011 family album.  (I usually make an 8x8 album every other year as my brother comes home and those are just 'more'; but, whether there are two or twelve of my favorite pix, I always include them on a two-page layout in our family album.)  Usually, the necessary layouts go straight into the album on the same day that I complete them, as opposed to those layouts that I just do for fun, hang up for an indefinite amount of time to admire, and then end up in one of the  'personal' albums. 

One of the best things about this class is that, in addition to learning more about design and using up my paper stash, I have completed so many necessary layouts... four for the family albums (2 birthdays and Christmas), three for GiGi's real* personal album (homecoming, Kelly Pickler concert, Future Today) and two for my personal album (5 generations and Another Life).  WOW!!!!!  That is amazing!!  I may have to take classes everyday for the rest of my life so that I actually get all my stories told!!  Of course, very little else is getting done (I was so proud that I got the laundry done yesterday!); and I'm certainly not going above and beyond for anyone, so if someone wants something they sure better ask.

Last thing, I am certainly praying for all the Northeastern U.S.  As a Florida Panhandle resident I have gone through four major hurricanes (Ivan in 2004 is the reason my brother now lives in Tampa as it not only did his home suffer severe damage, but both businesses that he and his wife worked at totally washed away... totally).  So I have so much empathy for the victims.  I know you are probably praying for them, but if you have a mind to help, please consider donating to the Red Cross.  They are so wonderful during these times, providing everything from fresh water, food and shelter during the weeks the power is out, to sandwiches during the cleanup phase.  I certainly don't know what we would have done without them after each of our storms. 

Okay, whatever you're doing today - create something wonderful about it.


"You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club." - Jack London

* GiGi has the 'real' albums that tell her life story, and then she has the albums that are a result of my incessant need to scrap just for the sake of scrapping and use any and all of those crazy teenage photos she takes of herself everyday for Instagram and Facebook.

Monday, October 29, 2012

ScrapRemix 5 & Albums...

Okay, it's a given I can't photograph the layouts, but why is it the past few days that all my pink letters look totally different in person than on the photographs??? For instance, check out this layout's PINK letters...

Patterned Paper:  Crate Paper, MyMindsEye, Pink Paislee; Stickers: American Crafts, K&Co; Flower & Gems:  K&Co, The Paper Studio; Twine: Doodlebug; Ink: Ranger, Tsukineko; Pen: Sharpie

See what I'm talking about... those letters look exactly the same pink as those stripes in my kitchen.  I think it may be time to strike out for an OttLite! 

I rather like this page... don't love it but like it fine enough.  I actually put all those papers and photos together then went to bed for a while because I didn't know what else to do (and I really am feeling rather bad lately).  Then Suddenly, it came to me!!!  I knew what I had to do!  I grabbed a white paper rose, dabbed it with a paint brush soaked with chalk ink, grabbed a few of those gem thingys, added the title & journaling, and hey! called it done.  Then I went back to bed feeling a little better about life in general (those are my days lately, bed - up - bed - up, you know what I mean!)

Todays prompt was about using pale colors and, I think, about using those A-sides that we buy paper for... you know the ones like those beautiful MyMindsEye with the birdcages or words in the corners.  But when Shimelle went into detail, she didn't really address using those emblems - unless you cut them out and use them elsewhere.  I was rather disappointed as I love those papers but rarely will even think about using them as I have no clue how to make a decent page out of them.  But I think I will try later for a JC page using one of those MME Lost & Found bird pages - just for the heck of it.  I'll show you how that works out later. 

But then again, I did use a pale background with an emblem in the corner of the A-side paper in this layout that I posted a couple of weeks ago...

I really like this page so maybe I can just use the same principle - but the papers I need to use up are those super vintage looking ones.  I guess we'll see, hmmm.....

While lying here today, I read through some of Shimelle's posts about albums.  You know, because of all these 'events' I have been scrapping for this year (okay, I know there's only been two, but that's two more than I've ever done before!) and just scrapping for the fun of it with GiGi having so many photos available, GiGi will have two albums just about her this year - not including what goes into the annual family album.  But don't feel too sorry for JC, his other grandmother is the one that started all this scrapping business 13 years ago while she was a rep for Creative Memories and did a scrapbook for my daughter's ex-husband.  And she is still very active today so I am sure that JC has plenty of albums of his own for every year at their home.  I have been somewhat lax over the past few years, well always really, because I scrap in spurts.  I have albums going for my family's annual albums, myself, my brother, my mom & dad, my ancestors, JC's sports & baby albums, GiGi's cheer & baby albums, and all the ingredients for my daughter's that I have only actually done one two-page layout for; none of which have more than a few pages completed.  But there are dozens of mini-albums laying around covering everything from genealogical data to every Christmas, love story, etc.  That's just how my scrapping rolls.  Hopefully I'll get something accomplished now that I am feeling my groove and will soon have a scrap room again - I've never had a scrap room and my groove at the same time. Hmmm....

Okay, that's it for today.  I hope everyone is Artistically Endeavored... if not, go find your groove girlfriend!


"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way." - Edward de Bono

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scrapbook Remix #4

How fortunate that this prompt came in time for me to work over the weekend.  As I said yesterday, not in the best scrappy mood just now.  In fact, after working today on my Prompt 4 layouts, I am now sitting on my bed with a heating pad as my back screams "YOU WILL NEVER SCRAPBOOK AGAIN!" in it's best Wizard of Oz voice.  Stupid back, stupid legs, stupid middle... I'll show you!

So I did two layouts for this Prompt.  Weirdly, I had to read it over and over to understand exactly what my purpose was... there was so much said about that Scenic Route paper that I just didn't figure out what I was supposed to be aiming at.  (Now, we all know that this is very much about the MS - about the fact that there are times when I am pretty much just an idiot.  Especially when I am having a flair coming on like right now.  Stupid MS!)  But I finally figured it out - it's those pesky little florals.  No, really I kind of like a floral sometimes.  Let's face it, I firmly believe that a layout isn't complete with some flowers and butterflies or birds.  I'm just that scrapbooker.  And that's fine with me.
Now before I get started on those layouts, I just want to say that I had almost forgotten how hard scrapbooking can be for me sometimes.  Lately it has seemed so easy to pick that paper and that paper and cut it and glue it to some cardstock (even though it takes a while - let's face it, it has always taken me hours to complete a "10-Minute Page").  But the past few days pages have taken me forever even though the process of selecting papers has been quite quick.

For instance, when I printed the photos of my birthday, I knew exactly what papers I wanted to use.  So I started out with a 10"x10" square of the large floral on gray cardstock as my starting point.  Then I used my large eyelet border punch on the small floral and placed it on a strip of green pp on top of  on top of the 'teal' dot (also cut with the large eyelet border).  As you can see, that is totally not the way it ended up.  For almost 24 hours, I would change this and change that; getting up from bed and working on it in the middle of the night.  So... no, this is not what my vision started as but this is what I ended up with and yes, it looks very familiar to so many layouts I've done - but hey, that's fine with me, at least I like it. 

A Prepared Birthday - Cardstock:  The Paper Studio; Patterned Paper:  Crate Paper, Echo Park, Pebbles Inc; Flowers:  Prima, Recollections;  Stickers:  American Crafts, EK Success; Brads & Pearls: The Paper Studio;Punches: EK Success, Martha Stewart; Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie

Once I finished this layout, I realized there needs to be an accompanying page as I have more photos that I want to use and story to tell.  Hate that my dark pink glitter letters look so purple in this photo - but we all know I can't take a picture worth a darn.  And I have especially found that, even though the lighting is better inside the house here, the photos are not as good as the ones I used to take on the side of my shed.  I have found that here using my cell phone actually seems better than my 'real' camera. Hmmm....

Since hooking up with Pretty Papers.True Stories., Shimelle has totally made me a lover of B-side papers.  I have found that they are the easiest thing in the world to work with as they mix-match so well and work for almost everything.  This has totally changed my life!!! (No wonder she's my scrapping hero!)  I now enjoy scrapbooking so much more and am more productive than ever as this comes together for me so much easier.  Before, I fell in love with A-sides and bought papers based on that love... only to find when I got home that I had no clue how to use them.  However, using all those tiny patterns for backgrounds, mats, bits & pieces - well now, I can do that!  And so, for much of my paper shopping I have strictly bought for those little patterns (in conjunction with the colors of course).  But as I am a paper pack/pad buyer, I have gotten my hands on quite a few A-sides in the process... and a few of them I really like (like that 'Good Life' paper I used on GiGi's layout last week).  So in the vain of trying 'new' things, I tried something a little different than anything spoke of in class (yet?). I used an A-side as a background on my 2nd layout:

Ever So Happy - Patterned Paper:  Echo Park, Pink Paislee; Stickers: American Crafts, Cosmo Cricket, Echo Park; Flowers: Creative Memories, Recollections; Punch:  EK Success; Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie
This is definitely one of those A-sides that I really liked, thought would be so great to use on a layout, then got home and had no clue what to do with.  But once I figured out that I wanted to use that floral and then pulled the Pink Paislee paper, it came together quite quickly.  I used the cameras cut from Echo Park This&That to hide some (not all) of the yellow flowers around the border. And other than the flowers, those are the only embellishments I used!  How easy is that??!!!  And you know what, I really love this layout in person.  Even though the original floral didn't have the yellow in it, it really flows well with the other elements of the page - they actually look as though they could have come from the same paper line.  I inked everything with black this time, and used a gray Sharpie for the journaling.  It just works for me - maybe not everyone - but for me, and that's fine.

I want to put in a product plug here... I Sharpie Ultrafine Pens.  I have so many colors but my favorite are the black, brown and gray that I use for journaling.  I got mine at Office Depot for $1.00 each and they are the one item that not only stays on my craft cart, but in my purse as well.  Also, I love! EK Success border punches.  Not only are they the easiest thing ever to store, but they really cut smoothly for me and the indicator markings are spot on. 

Okay, now I have to go find the charger for my laptop.  I hope everyone is spending every minute of their time creating something wonderful (okay, well at least some of their time)!  Happy Sunday.


P.S.  Have you ever noticed how many words light up when you spell check anything about scrapbooking?  Like the words 'scrapbooking', 'journaling', 'cardstock' & 'florals'... it just cracks me up everytime.

"Every creator painfully experiences the chasm between his inner vision and its ultimate expression." - Isaac Bashevis Singer

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Scrapbook Remix #3?...

My days are all mixed up... about Wednesday it started.  I had to take mom to the Dr and get more adhesive in Pensacola so that took up all day.  Then when we finally got home, I had to take GiGi to the ER (she's been complaining of a backache that has become progressively worse over the past few weeks... just doesn't seem normal for a 13-year old!... but nothing came back critical so they gave her a muscle relaxant and sent her home). 
Anyway, woke up Thursday and worked on the Prompt 3 layouts of which I only got one finished and worked on one other.  These involve a quilting kind of look... and even though I have quilted in the past, I'm just not in love with this type of scrapbooking.  So I'm gonna discuss these two little layouts one at a time:

Cardstock:  The Paper Studio; Patterned Paper: Crate Paper, Echo Park, My Minds Eye; Journaling Spots:  Colorbok; Stickers:  American Crafts; Pen: Sharpie; Twine: Doodlebug; Other: Buttons.
So I am totally not in love with this page!  I worked inordinately hard on that 'quilting' piece... cutting triangles, inking triangles, placing triangles on strips of cardstock, re-placing triangles on a block of cardstock; re-placing triangles on a large block of cardstock, moving around triangles on that piece of cardstock; trimming edges of triangles.  Once I got through with those triangles, I definitely did not want to cover them up!  I didn't know what embellishments to use, finally deciding on buttons to go with the homemade look of the 'quilting', but what else?  And where to put them?!  I just don't know.  I keep looking at it and have decided that it definitely just needs put in the book and call it done.  I am finished with looking at those triangles and definitely finished with this page.

As part of the Extended Play on this Prompt, we did a page on quadrants:

Photo:  Sears; Cardstock: The Paper Studio; Patterned Paper:  Crafte Paper, Echo Park, Studio Calico; Journaling Spots: Colorbok; Stickers:  American Crafts, Mrs Grossmans; Flowers:  Prima, The Paper Sudio; Brads:  Making Memories; Rubons:  Autumn Leaves

While this page isn't one of my favorites, I do like it better.  If I had it to do over, I may have used the floral on opposing corners; but I don't know, I kind of like like this as a second focal point.  I really like the papers that I used and am excited to use them again in different ways.  My sewing machine is still in my RV, I had to make do with rubon stitches, and that became a fine choice in the end.  And so happy to use that Mrs Grossman lace sticker that I've had in my stash for 10+ years.  Also, I was glad that I had some crocheted flowers to use to maintain that homemade feel.  And as proven in the past, I do like to use quadrants on my pages in differing amounts, but this may be the first time I've used them as a background - I think I like it, but just not positive.  We'll see.

Okay, so I may have been over ambitious at the start of the week because by Friday I was totally laid up for most of the day.  But I had promised GiGi to take her to the High School football game last night and, if there is anyway I can sit up for more than an hour, I don't break promises.  So we did that last night and today I hurt even more than yesterday.  I hate it when my mind says scrapbook and my body says No... but even worse I hate it when I want to feel like scrapbooking but just can't - body nor mind will get get in the groove.  That's today...   It's 3:15 pm here, and I haven't even gotten out of my pjs (a sign that it probably won't  happen to day if I can get out of going to GiGi's game tonight) so I guess we'll just see what happens from now until I go to bed.

Hope everyone else has a Scrap Happy Day!


"Creativity isn’t about wild talent as much as it’s about productivity. To find new ideas that work, you need to try a lot that don’t. It’s a pure numbers game."  - Robert Sutton