Saturday, April 21, 2012

Just a Note...

It's a cloudy, rainy day in the Panhandle of Florida today.  As I was sitting here perusing my email (not reading, that takes too much effort right now), I heard the rain coming.  You ever do that?  You're sitting and you can actually hear it coming... like wind... down the street, through the woods, across the lawn, on the roof.  I'm always awed by that - whether it be wind or rain - the sound of the weather approaching.  I love days like today.  I can hear the birds singing and watch them playing outside my window.  After such a horrible, restless night, I love sitting here in the softness of a cloudy, rainy day.


  1. I enjoyed reading how you described the rain coming. Ooh, I wish we had more birds here. There's been a pair of blackbirds recently, searching for worms under the trampoline. I think they have babies in a nearby tree. We've had loads of rain this past week. Have to be careful to keep an eye on the garage not flooding. I scrolled back and saw the LOs you made. Great take on the challenges. Shimelle is so inspiring isn't she? The latest Glittergirl is those DIY Thickers. I don't have any but they look fab. Did you see it?

    1. Hey Mandy: I did get to see it last week but plan to go back and watch again as I was ill then and have been rather out of sorts since. I can't wait until I can get my hands on those Thickers!! I am Thicker crazy but have almost totally ran out of everything. So hopefully by July I'll be making purchase and I plan to purchase a few sets of those for everything under the sun. I got a big thing of chalks on sale at Michaels last week for $4+ and think that will work well too.
      As for your blackbirds, does it make you want to break out in a Beatles song everytime you see them??!! Put out a feeder and I bet you'll get other birds. (Make sure to put it where cats and squirrels can't easily get to it!). When I put mine out, I noticed that the birds would call their friends over. I only have one feeder and started with only 2 or 3 birds over the first couple of days but now I have trees full of birds.
      Thanks so much for checking out my layouts. I haven't gotten any new supplies (other than adhesive!!) in over 18 months, so I really had to work with the same old crud. But I appreciate your kindness truly.