Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Fix(es)...

A few days ago I showed you the pages I had made at the State Fair in Tampa and told you I would be adding something to try to make the 2 pages more cohesive.  Then earlier I told  you I would be showing an example of my using cardstock templates in place of photos on layouts.  Well here's both all at one time.  Even though you have seen the State Fair layouts before, I feel it's important to show those again to demonstrate the flow.



In order to make the layouts more confluent, I have added a 5x11 page protector (because that's what I have on hand as extras from another album; if you want to purchase a small protector for this use, you will probably want to purchase the 6x12 protector).  On the one side which will face the Elvis page, I added more journaling about my cousin winning the competition and used the blank templates where I will later place photos.  I may add more embellishments at that time, but at least I had something to work with and know in what direction the page will go.  Note that there is more teal on this page making the flow into the next page less stark while maintaining the visual theme of the layout. 
The second layout is finished and faces the Exit 44 page.  I added another photo that I wanted to go with the layout, my tickets to the fair, and the map of where the stage was located.  I didn't want to alter the map in anyway so that we could pull it out and look at it if we chose, so I taped the ribbon around the map to hold the folds and put my epoxy sticker on the outside of the protector.  Also notice that the colors of the tickets and ribbon are slightly brighter making for better flow with the previous page.   Knowing me, I may open it up in about a week and add another embellishment here or there.  But for the most part it is completed except for adding the photos when I get new ink.

So that is how I keep scrapping with no photos and my fix for making two pages more cohesive.  I have to interject a credit here to Shimelle Laine (of course) for her great idea regarding the half page protector between the layouts.  (I told you to visit her blog and videos on YouTube for great ideas, and you'll probably be seeing many more here!)

Hope this helps when you're stuck.  Good Luck.


"All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no mind, from inner stillness."  - Echhart Tolle

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