Sunday, August 24, 2014

We Interrupt this Hiatus for a Brief Observation(s)...

Yes, I am still officially on hiatus until Monday, 1 September.  I hope to be a bit more settled by then, but who knows.  I have gotten about everything scrapalicious moved into it's new home, but there are several things still needed so that I can get things put away properly (brackets, drawers, etc.).  It's very, very small in here with wall-to-wall-to-wall furniture.  But there are also huge windows and it's making all the difference.

I just had to break in and make a couple of observations while I was thinking about it.  First, I am hoping to rework this blog a bit when I get started back up.  I have a few ideas and am researching if any of them will be feasible.  I am so serious about wanting to scrap and blog Mon-Fri; but as we all know, life gets in the way it kids, vacation or illness.  So I will settle for 3 days a week and at the very least once a week in times of duress.  Also, I am seriously hoping to share a kind of system to my scrapbooking.  Which leads me to this question:  If the scrap-police came to your door and told you to purge all but seven (7) colors from your paper stash, what seven colors would you keep? (Do not include black, white, kraft, gold or silver)

In other news, I have been sort of taking (actually reading through via email on my phone) a 27-week Organization Class through I just read through Week 4 and it was all about paper storage which in turn reminded me of a conversation at ACOT last month regarding how people store their supplies. A popular answer was 'by color: ROYGBIV'.  While I admit that the way I store items is probably very different from the way anyone else does, and also that it's understandable that people store by color, I don't really understand the ROYGBIV situation.  I mean, that's not even the basic pack of 8 Crayolas.  So a few questions regarding this theory need to be address:
  • What about Gold, Silver, Black, White, Brown and Grey?
  • How many people own Indigo (I certainly don't)?
  • Where is pink and aqua in this equasion (I mean really, Indigo but no aqua)?
If you have the answer to any or all of these questions, please speak up!

I must say that I do have four categories that are stored by color:  Flowers, Thickers, Cardstock and Tape; but they are not stored in the ROYGBIV sort of way:

Flowers are sorted into five jars:  blue/aqua/green, pink/purple, off-white, yellow/orange/brown, black/white/red.  I know that sounds odd, but it's actually quite pleasing to my eye.
Thickers - aaaah - are stored in three drawers: 1) pink, purple, red, aqua, blue, green, yellow (I only have one pack of purple so I used it to separate the pink & red)... 2) DIY, black&white, grey, black, white, brown (neutrals)... 3) gold and silver (bling!)
Cardstock has it's own bin and is sorted like this: kraft, white, black, grey, brown, pink, aqua, blue, mint green, lime green, coral, red, yellow, orange, other greens and purple. (I really don't think I own any Indigo)
Tape is stored in a 7-slot divider in a drawer (2 slots (Left & Right) per roll with one long roll across back): R1L = black & white; R1R = aqua & blue; R2L = silver, gray, gold; R2R = pink; R3L = Green; R3R = Multicolor; R4 = Purple, Yellow, Orange and Red

Now you may look at these lists and the way I store things and think to yourself, "WHAT???? That makes no sense whatsoever!" But really it does, much more than ROYGBIV! Because, primarily I do not own any Indigo!, rarely scrap in Orange and almost never in Purple(Violet????).  Really the way I sort by color is very much related to the question I asked earlier regarding those seven colors you'd keep because my seven colors are:  Pink, Aqua, Navy, Mint Green, Lime Green, Coral and Yellow (it was a very close call between red and yellow, but it's summer right now so I chose yellow).  If these are my favorite colors to scrapbook with then they are most certainly the ones I scrap with most why wouldn't my storage reflect that?  Of course, this system isn't for everyone, but it is certainly something to think about.  I mean really, Indigo??!!!

Okay, so here's the one and only layout I have done in 3+ weeks.  It is the Shimelle layout...WOOHOO! While I sit most of my layouts around to check out every once in a while and make sure I like it okay before putting it away into an album, I actually still have this one sitting where I can look at it all the time. LOL! It's not my scrapbooking that's got me looking at this one, it's the lovely papers and embellies. OH MY!  It was really hard to get this one started: not only had it been so long that I didn't know where to start, but I also had a case of intimidation...what if my layout wasn't good enough to do justice to my new Shimelle collection? But I got over it of course, and cut right into four pieces of paper and started gluing them to a fifth. Now I can't wait to do it again!
The 'love', teal and banner stickers are from the new Jen Hadfield's Home*Made by Pebbles.  The flair, label, roses and label stickers are from Maggie Holmes Flea Market.  The foil & glitter papers I picked up at Hobby Lobby but noticed they are carried online by either AC, Pebbles or WRMK; and the heart punches are by EK Success & Martha Stewart.  Everything else including the Thickers, 'lovely' die and pen is American Crafts Shimelle.

Oh, I did finally get my awesomeness from that last 2Ps order with the exception that one item was missing, but of course they refunded the money for that.  The entire order was made up of the 2Ps exclusives - basically just wood and flair - imagine that!!!  Also, mentioning that I am signed up for the last class that Shimelle did back in January; so maybe I can get started with that some time in September.

Okay, that's all today.  So now, what are your 7 colors? Let me know, it's for future use.  Hope all are well and having awesome times on your Road Trips.

Stay Safe and Scrap On!

P.S. Yes, I have a real issue with Indigo...maybe I had an Indigo nightmare at some point..but moreover, it's just ridiculous.  And yes, I really did know that ROYGBIV are the colors of the rainbow; but seriously, real scrappiness is not all about rainbows.
P.S.S. Check out for some shopping goodness (but don't buy everything up before I put in my Sep order!).  I love these peoples.

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