Friday, April 13, 2012

Inspiration for Unexpected Places...

Okay.  First let me tell you about this awesome picture that is the new header of my blog  and came from today's BING image (I believe it's royalty free and I did check, but if I'm mistaken please let me know!!!).  It was soooo beautiful and inspiring that I just couldn't resist.  It really made me want to do something creative.
Next, I made me some valances.  No, I made me some banners.  No valances.  No banners.  Yes both.  I made these banners as valances on my sucky windows.  My blinds are shot because of the twisty things that open the windows, but I'm not getting any more right now.  Besides they stay open all day long.  However, they needed a little something.  But what to do???  Well banners are so hot right now in the Scrapbooking world that it was the only real choice.  But what to make them out of???  I've had this Daisy D paper since it came out many moons ago and was going to make a little something something for my kitchen; but alas, that never happened.  So after looking at it, it made the obvious choice as I do have my roosters all over my little kitchen area here that is actually part of the living area!  Furthermore, the colors are perfect with my blue sofa and benches at my table and the plaid pillows I got for $2 at Tuesday Morning and all my red and the multicolors that are also part of my kitchen.  So I cut up those 12x12 sheets into 6x6 sheets and then cut those into triangles.  I punched the holes, used office reinforcers and distress inked around the outside of each triangle.  Then I strung them in an orderly fashion onto clothesline.  They look lovely.


I could have made them from 8x8 or even 12x12 but then: a) they would have been a little long for looking out the window 1,000 times a day; and, b) I wouldn't have had enough paper to make banners for all the windows in the living area.   You know,  I don't use banners and bunting on my scrapbook pages except for birthdays, parties, carnivals and sales at the used car lot; so now I feel like there's a party everyday in my RV - that's something right?!
Best of all, I used up that portion of my Daisy D paper.  I still have more, but it's for pix of my brother and me when we were young... I'm still working on that project.  I also have a few more miscellaneous papers made by Daisy D, but I'm sure I will eventually find a place for them - probably mixing them with more modern papers when I get my hands on some.

Finally, I was so inspired by Aeryn Kelly-Reitmeyer that I took out my Crayola Pencils and made a few cards like this:

Not even close or comparable to the spectacular artistry of Aeryn, but I just had to do it... so if you think it sucks, it's Aeryn's fault for inspiring me to color!  You really have to jet over to her blog at  Creative Explosion  and check out her work.  It's amazing... and you too will probably be pulling out your color pencils and shading something because the force will be with you!

Oh and don't forget that the Scrapbooking Weekend at pretty papers.true stories. starts today but you can join anytime! 
Hope you find some inspiration today!  Share!


"Art isn't about perfection, it's about expression.  The key is simply to love it."  - Charmed

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