Friday, April 20, 2012


Tonight I bring you 4 (YES 4!) layouts of Shimelle's Challenges at Pretty Paper.True Stories.  I know, can you imagine???  Well, honestly, reserve the hoorahs until you see them.  They are not magnificent works of art... but they're not entirely unfortunate either.  I just feel wonderful that in 8 hours I accomplished 4 layouts... a 13-year record!!!!  So, without further delay, here they are in order of Challenge, not completion (that would definitely give away the ones where I didn't think I would make it due to pain and exhaustion):

Challenge #2:  3 or more paper collections

Challenge #4:  Make layout with gray, yellow and one other color

Challenge #5:  Take inspiration from the page provided

Challenge #13: Use the Little Musings printable provided

Okay, Discussion:  Challenge # 2 = My Minds Eye, K&Co, Cosmo Cricket - Yes, these papers are oh, so, old.  But I still love them.   I cut that strip under the photos a little short, but I think it still works... Anyway, I really like this layout once it was finished.
Challenge #4 = I didn't decide what my 3rd color would be until I went in to pull out the gray and yellow - the green was already laying there and when I put the gray and then the yellow on top, I loved it.  And you know what else, this layout is made entirely of solid-colored cardstock:  Gray, yellow, green and white.  The other elements are printables.  But I'm not sure from where, I think the yellow zigzag is from Sbennet.  But I'm just not sure where the rest came from but will try to find out and let you know if you ask.  Anyway, that is a gray chevron under the yellow zigzag (don't know the difference, well to me it all depends on how it looks, hmmm) also a printable.  The use of only cardstock was a necessity because I have no wonderful new papers that I felt would only be suitable with the color requirements.
Challenge #5 = You need to go to Shimelle's blog to see the lovely original page as this is a bizarre page of my own that I would surely not have done without needing to do the inspiration lift.  But you know what, it works.  The colors work because they're fun and fit the feel of the layout perfectly.  The butterflies work because both kids love them and they signify the freedom to be kids & crazy.  And there is no journaling. I like it.
Challenge #13 = Shimelle provided the Little Musings printable journaling cards on her blog and, while they're not in my usual color preference, I used the entire layout to go out on a limb... from the odd size (is that 8.5x11?) in the center to the floating mats behind the photos.  It was entirely a study in play.  And you know what?  I like it just fine.

It is definitely even more challenging with the lack of adhesive to work with - who could have guess a couple of years ago that it would become such a luxury.  But I've been getting by with a little this and a little of olddddd that.  And I'm not sure that if they don't get put into a protector soon that I don't find pieces everywhere - that has already happened a couple of times to the previous few days' layouts as I hang them until I figure out where to put them. 

I would like to make the comment here, that sometimes there is little if any journaling on my layouts - especially the ones that I make just for creating's sake.  I certainly could have used the opportunity of JC & GiGi in their shades to write about their relationship or a certain photo to journal about that holiday/adventure/feeling/event.  But sometimes, it's just good to play with the paper and glue - and in my opinion, it's perfectly fine to let the title and the photo do all the talking for you.

I know I still have a few Challenges to go... and I may or may not get them done by Sunday evening.   These last ones seem pretty much redundant as I use the techniques everyday.  But if I have the stamina, I plan on trying to get them done.  But right now, I'm utterly exhausted and hurt ever-so-much so I'm gonna pack it in.

Oh yes, and the new Glitter Girl Adventure is posted on Shimelle's blog with sketches provided.  That girl never ceases to inspire me.  So, if I can do it, you can do it - be playful and create something.


"Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it."  - Dee Hock

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  1. Look at you with your four layouts done!!! =D And they are all gorgeous! Love the fun colors you use--that makes me smile! The photos are outstanding too! :-)