Thursday, April 5, 2012

It must be a Girl Crush....

I'm very tired today.  I slept really well and really hard last night.  So when the alarm went off at 7:00, it really made me very sad.  I had to go to the doctor this morning.  Dr K - what would I do without him.  He asked about the ER visit, and I told him.  Almost exactly like I wrote it here.  He seemed a little, well I don't know how to say how he seemed.  But he said that my crushing upper body was a spasm that would likely return as long as my TN is flairing so badly.  He upped my meds - maybe that will help.  His nurse told me before I left that she didn't think that was the only thing flairing as she had never seen me so UP.... I must be manic.  Scary thing is that I know it - but then after 33 years I guess I should.  I started thinking about it seriously once the nurse said that.  There are other little things that are screaming at me besides the scattered craziness I felt today with Dr K.  There's the fact that I don't sleep - and while I have blamed that on the pain, I think there's probably more to it than that.  There's the fact that I have actually cried because I have got to have new scrapbook paper and stickers.   My mom gets down, really down... so do I.  But she doesn't understand this need I have for new paper and stickers.  Right now I would trade every pair of shoes I own for new paper and stickers.  This sounds crazy doesn't it?  And I guess I am.  But that's the way it is and I'm living with it.  And I'm not alone... if you have this craziness in your life, just remember that you are not alone.

So on to more craziness... I think I have a girl crush - that's what they call it isn't it?  I have spent days and nights reading Shimelle Laines blog and watching her YouTube videos.  She is an awesome teacher and has a lot of the same philosophy about scrapbooking that I have.   Shimelle is a GardenGirl at Two Peas as well as working for other organizations throughout the US and UK scrapbooking world... and she teaches classes online.  There are some free classes and projects on her blog ( ) regarding everything from minibooks about why we scrapbook to how to scrapbook with just 4x6 photos to how to invoke better journaling.  She has made me realize how important telling a story - no matter how small - on a layout really is.  I have learned how to better plan pages and create layered accents with or without premade embellishments.  She reiterates the basics we learned about the rule of three and flow on our pages.  She explains in depth what she's using, what she's doing and why she's doing it.  And she's just fun to listen to with her mid-west brogue scattered with little UK accents.  If you really want to learn more about scrapbooking or just get motivated again, I highly suggest you visit her blog and click on those little side bar items that take you to other places and projects.  It's seriously worth the time - maybe not as much time as I've been spending there, but it is addictive.


"If you ask me what I came into this world to do, I will tell you:  I came to Live Out Loud."   - Emile Zola

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