Wednesday, January 23, 2013

While I Was Out...

When I dropped out back at the end of November to get ready for Christmas and start working on The Room, I did manage to get a few layouts done before I cleared out the garage.  While filing a layout today, I came across them and thought I'd share them now:

(Yep, I gotta restick my letters - I pulled them off to scan my photos and then tried to stick them back down (can you say dumbass?)

Sorry for the crappy photos, I'm not feeling well today and it just flows into everything I do apparently. 

But on to better things.  As a result of the Pretty Paper Party, I have this to show you:

I just decided I'd use that strip of paper for the title... It could have been something about the hats (and probably should have been since that's what the journaling is about) but when I threw some letters on there, it looked awfully crowded.  So there you go.

Also, sneak peaks of The Room:

1) My paper stash:  the four across the bottom, the dotted one has cardstock, the packets hold themes, and the brown basket holds 8.5x11, 8x8, 6x6; the other dotted bin holds thickers/letter stickers, blue baskets are full of some of my embellies.
2)  My tape stash - it's growing (hehehe)!
3)  Next to my work station:  the buckets hold markers, twine, etc.; the blue felt containers hold diecuts; the dishrack holds papers I'm currently working with or need to work with.
4)  My temporary work space - it's so small I barely have space for a 12x12 layout.  The Family basket holds photos I want to scrap soon. 
There will be changes soon but nothing too drastic.  Basically my half of the room is scraproom/library with a mattress to sleep on in the middle of the floor... Priorities.  Wish I'd known how small this was going to end up - my TV is much too large for this space.  But hey, I'll make-do... it's only 4.5 years until GiGi graduates and goes to college!
It's a great day to do something wondrous!
" Life is a song-sing it.  Life is a game-play it.  Life is a challenge-meet it.  Life is a dream-realize it.  Life is a sacrifice-offer it.  Life is love-enjoy it." - Sai Baba



  1. You have One Sweet Craft Room!!! And yes, so true about priorities. I mean, who needs to sleep when you have scrapbooking to be done, right?? ;-)

    Really cool pages--I love the embellishments you used. And the papers are gorgeous!

  2. Tammy I couldn't find your CK post so I'll leave my comment here.Your room is looking good.Your layouts show your talent for important.

  3. Well, it looks like you were busy before starting on the room - the last layout is especially adorable. I'm in the middle of a studio reorganziation and will be so glad to get back to playing with paper instead of just tidying it up.