Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Where's My Internet...

I don't know what to think about the world I live in today.  Remember a couple of days ago when I talked about worrying about the future of books... that there may be too much technology in our lives... and then yesterday about the crazy YouTube people and how it may be time to slow down and take stock.  Well, that was before I spent 12 hours without internet.
About a year ago, AT&T talked my mom into giving up her awesome, superquick, no-worries DSL for the SuperDuper Uverse Fiber-Optic Internet Option that turned out to be the CrappySappy Uverse F&%*ed-Up Internet Option (but we'll just call it Uverse from here on out).  From the get-go, for some reason the Uverse connection to my dad's desktop has bogged it down to where it is not even worth getting near - fortunately the only thing slower than the computer is my dad, and even he manages to get it totally frozen up on a daily basis.  However, the WiFi connection has been adequate enough for us to get by... until the first week of January.
I'm not sure if I said, but for Christmas Santa brought GiGi & JC each a TV and one shared SuperDuper Xbox (Halo4 360gb to be exact-it's much nicer than ANY computer in this house).  They spend hours & hours online with their friends killing zombies.  It still amazes me that they get to have an entire neighborhood full of people in that 8x11 room to play Xbox and I only have to listen to the two of them.  WooHoo.
So anyway, when GiGI and I moved into the garage we no longer had access to DirecTV.  As a result, I purchased Netflix (okay, do you remember me telling  you that I am addicted to TV, seriously I don't even really care what's on as long as it's not Fineas & Ferb).  Well, two weeks ago when I got my Netflix running on my TV the problems started.  As long as I'm on Netflix, Xbox loses its mind... the interference is so bad that TV shows have to load & reload & reload and Xbox gets so screwed up that we actually mess-up peoples games all over town. Ooooh.
So last week I called AT&T and explained the issue.  They upped my internet speed.  Hmmm.  Well over the weekend we had company so the kids were constantly on Xbox.  As I still can't walk, I was in my room scrapping a little while trying to watch Firefly.  Well, needless to say it wasn't working out for us.  In the meantime I had to reset my internet connection on my TV and found that I was only getting 'ONE BAR" from my own WiFi while getting 'TWO BARS' from my neighbor.  So yesterday I called AT&T again.
What an endless circle of nightmare it is to try to get help for your Uverse from AT&T.  First you can only find a number for 'Internet Support' on the website.  After 15 minutes you find out this is not the people you want to talk to as they only do DSL support.  Then you're put on hold for 20 minutes before getting to the Uverse "Troubleshooting" people - again, after 25 minutes, this is not who you want as they are apparently only Level 1 techs (?!).  Then you are sent to the Uverse Super Troopers which actually just becomes 'indefinite hold' as no one ever picks up the phone - even after 30 minutes.  So after doing all of this once, I called back.  When the DSL people (oh, there are levels of 'expertise' in this department too!) got on the phone, I let go with the entire "No, you won't put me on hold, I've been going through this circle for an hour and a half and I just need some help!!!"  Now, my momma always said you get more flies with honey, and as I just summed up the very clean version of my conversation, needless to say it dawned on me that I was about to get put on 'indefinite hold' again - so I added a few sniffles and a little hic or two and a hitch in my voice to make sound like I was on the verge of tears (in tears because I couldn't reach through the phone and strangle somebody!).  As a result, I was expedited through the first two departments and given to the Uverse Super Trooper (UST) in short order.  Now the fun part starts.
So, of course, the first question is:  How many devices are accessing your WiFi?  Okay, I'm not so stupid as to fall for this... Answer:  Dude, we live in a WiFi world.  We have 4 laptops, 3 ipods, Xbox, Wii, 2 TVs accessing Netflix, 3 Nooks, and that's all when we don't have company who bring another ipod, Nook and laptop.  But what's your point?  I have the SuperDuper Uverse Fiber-Optic Internet Option.  I also, proceed to tell the story of the bogged down desktop while explaining my Netflix/Xbox conundrum.  So the UST starts changing the channels on my Uverse portal (what?) and then he changes it's name because maybe too many people are on the 2Wire access (what?)  and then... then... then... from through the phone line I hear a very high pitched "Uh... Uh... Uh..." (what?).  Uverse crashed right in the middle of my troubleshooting.  UVERSE CRASHED!!!  UVERSE CRASHED!!!  The entire galaxy is in a quick spiral to the depths of oblivion!!!!  That was at 2:30 yesterday afternoon.  At 5:30, the UST guy calls my cell-phone to let me know a technician will be out today to possibly replace my portal/box/thingy.  In the meantime, UVERSE IS STILL KAPUT!  Hmmm.  No Netflix.  No Internet.  No Telephone.  At 10:30, I still hadn't any service.  It really was the end of the world. 
But, fortunately, not totally.  GiGi watched Netflix and I watched YouTube on our phones until we went to sleep.  That's insane.  Today I can barely see - eye strain from Hades.  And they're coming this morning to check out the doohickey.  We'll see as the test really comes tonight, JC comes home from his dad's so there will be Xbox/Netflix wars if this isn't fixed.
Oh, and I should mention the clencher here.  While I couldn't watch TV or read anything on the internet, I also couldn't scrapbook.  Nope.  No adhesive.  Right in the middle of the layout - everything went dark.  Fortunately my mom & dad went to Doc yesterday (thank goodness mom's feeling okay as I couldn't drive/walk) and I called her (in the Doctor's office saying it was an emergency) and asked if she'd please stop at Hobby Lobby before coming home.  I knew I was taking a chance - mom can't drive at all after dark and this would definitely put her in the dark zone.  But she did... my mom the angel.  (On the downside, she also found out how much adhesive costs - I'll be hearing about this for about a month.) 
Also, in the middle of the AT&T nightmare, I spoke to the mechanic who's had my car for 10 DAYS and found out that, after all they've tried I'm gonna have to take my vehicle to the JEEP dealership to get a Body Control Unit replaced.  That just isn't a good thing.  It's so bad in fact, that my mechanic is only going to charge me $100 for the $400 worth of work he did... he seriously feels sorry for me about this. Oh my.
Needless to say, once my adhesive did arrive, I just couldn't scrap anymore.  No TV, no car, no internet, no feet.  Hmmm.

But I do have a litte something to share brought to you by Pretty Paper Party Prompt#7 and American Crafts and Echo Park paper & stickers with some Recollections washi and Wilton doilies: 

and Prompt #8 with papers by Cosmo Cricket, October Afternoon & various cardstock along with EK Success, Fiskars & Martha Stewart punches and American Crafts, My Minds Eye, October Afternoon stickers as well as washi by Freckled Fawn & October Afternoon & a Colorbok journaling card: 

I've used this combination of paper before for a different album - I can't help myself.  Red has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember.  Then a few years ago it was challenged by my love of aqua (okay, now that I think about it, it was quite a few years ago - how time flies).  In the end, it became my favorite combination.  GiGi's pages have so much teal w/ pink and mine aqua w/red.... twisting on the same combination.  Like I said, I just can't help myself.

So go on... make something with your favorite colors - you'll love yourself for it.


"When life hands you lemons... scrap it."


  1. I wanted to start by saying I'm so sorry about all your Uverse crap and all the other problems, but really. I was totally overwhelmed by the mere mention of FIREFLY. You mean the Firefly with Nathan???? THAT FIREFLY?????????? I. So. Love. That. Show.

    Love it.

    It's Sparkly. ;-)

    Anyway. I had the same problem (no internet, phone, cable and sometimes just no power) over on my side of the world and MAN does it just not mess up your day??? My little computer dude came over and replaced the router--the 4th one in 5 years. Those dang things are EXPENSIVE.

    So, yes. I'm feeling your pain.

    But. I must say....your pages have been awesome!! Love the one about your mom's hands. That is so cool.

    I hope everything gets worked out so you're back to being able to watch Firefly...I mean scrapbook. ;-)

    1. Cynthia... I'm in the middle of a Firefly/Serenity marathon - constantly. I can't get enough!! It is so shiny! OMG - told you it was destiny!

    2. Oh, and I got a new router today too. But Uverse was still crashed so had to wait and start and stop - but everything's shiny now so I'm going to bed with Nathan.

  2. *smacks forehead* SHINY, not sparkly! I have no idea what I was thinking there!! SHINY!! And yeah, that Nathan...he's a hottie!! ;-)