Friday, January 11, 2013

Still Kicking....

Actually, I've been kicking way too much!!!  So sorry I didn't make it to tell everyone Happy Holidays!!! but I've been soooo busy.  Of course, before Christmas was a total rush of preparedness - to include the fact that I was responsible for getting the house ready inside and out.  I had to retrieve everything from the attic, put up everything outside, clean the house, decorate the house and get my daughter moved out and the room ready for my brother and sister-in-law to visit.  Also, as my brother planned to help me build a wall in the garage during his visit, I had to get the garage totally cleaned out. Thank goodness for GiGi, she was such a big help.  She and I packed 10 years worth of storage as well as the usual garage stuff (lawn maintenance, paint, etc.) into a very large truck, hauled it to storage and then unpacked the truck into a tiny little unit.  The only thing left in the garage when we finished was the generator, tools & refrigerator.  It was amazing if I say so myself.  Then as soon as my brother got here, he and I started on the wall. 
It doesn't seem that building a single wall wood be so much work, but taking in consideration the unlevelness (?) of the room in every direction, the working in a space for a future a/c unit, and the installation of a door all around holiday activities was indeed a large task.  Unfortunately there was a small delay in the midst as my poor SIL got pneumonia and was hospitalized for 2 days, discharged on Christmas afternoon (she is good now and we were certainly concerned and saddened by her illness; but that's another story as we practically have a tradition in our family that someone will go to the hospital on Christmas).
We finished construction on Saturday and my brother left on Sunday.  I was in bed until the 3rd when the kids went back to school, then I had to get up and finish.  I primed the new wall and painted the four that made up the new room.  GiGi and I laid the floor.  I constructed 3 bookcases (to include my Expedit... hip,hip, hoorah!!!!!).    There are 3 bookcases that make up the partition between GiGi's and my spaces - hers ends up being about 11.5'x8.5' and mine ends up being about 7'x9' - rather small considering I sleep and scrapbook here, but at least it's not the kitchen table.  The Expedit and one other case blocks my 'room' from the walkway to GiGi's space.  (In total, there are 8 bookcases in the 18.5'x11.5' area.)
 I am utterly finished physically but still have a bookcase to construct and 3 more 3' - 4' bookcases to move as well as my books, movies, etc.  But the moving is slow going as my Jeep is in the shop and so the only vehicle the family has is the Cadillac - not such a good car for moving.  Thankfully a friend of my daughter's brought over a van yesterday so I could move GiGi's daybed, trundle and desk. 
Even though I can see the end in sight, it seems miles away as my body refuses to do anything more at the moment.  I can't even seem to get the energy to hang pictures and it feels like its taking everything I have to type this now.  So I am going to sleep as much as possible through the weekend (no getting up at 5:30 to get kids to school, hoorah!) because Monday starts the Pretty Paper Party class with Shimelle.  I've really pushed myself to be ready in time for the class and so now just have to rest up... soooo excited! 
So you'll be hearing from me Monday or Tuesday when I get to start scrapbooking again.  In the meantime, you should create something wondrous!


P.S.  Love you Cynthia and Mandy!

"The creative urge is the demon that will not accept anything second rate." - Agnes De Mille


  1. I get kinda worried when you don't post for a few days (or weeks!) and I'm SUPER glad you were off having FUN!! =D Now you need to post pictures of all your book shelves and walls and all the fun stuff you've been up to!! And I totally can't wait to see what you create in Shimelle's class!! That's gonna be AWESOME!!! Big hugs!!

  2. You weren't kidding when you said you've been busy... I was exhaused just thinking about all you did over Christmas! So glad you will have your own space :). And I'm with Cynthia about seeing some photos of it all. Enjoy PPP with Shimelle and I can't wait to see your pages. My twins just turned 18 and we had a big party last night.... It went well and all the guests enjoyed themselves.

  3. Hello, hello! Wow you've been a busy bee. Me too! So glad to see you in Shimelle's class PPP. I did it before and loved it! Giving it a go again! I've been in a slump. Can't wait to see your work again!