Sunday, January 20, 2013

Best American Ever...

I was just sitting here scrapping - well waiting on GiGi to send me a photo that I must scrap now - and innocently enough threw something away in my lovely new wastebin.  Well, it's really nothing special: white, wire, small.  A necessary purchase as GiGi is tired of me stealing hers so she grabbed it up at Target and said it was perfect.   And she's right, of course; to me it's lovely and that's what counts. 
My, how I do get off track... so I threw something in my new wastebin and turned to see all my loveliness sitting around me.  Then it struck me - I may be the best American ever because I keep so many people employed.  And not just me but every scrapbooker I know.
The way I see it is this:  not only are we directly responsible for all those scrapbook paraphenalia jobs, but all those other jobs that have no idea they owe their position to us.  My new wastebin - if you're a scrapbooker then you must have a lovely wastebin next to your table.  My lamp - I must see what I'm scrapping.  All the battery makers as I use oh so many batteries not only taking photos of the kids, dogs, yard, etc. but mostly taking photos of layouts.  Those people that make those monograms that are hanging all over scrapbookers' walls.  Home Depot, Lowes, Target, WalMart, and of course Hobby Lobby & Michaels.  All those people who make those wonderful bins and baskets and boxes.  Those spice jar people.  Those little metal pail people. Ikea. CocaCola (okay that's not totally scrap related, but it is my preferred beverage while scrapping).  Shelving manufacturers - not only the Expedit but any and all bookcases.  Daniel Radcliffe and the entire cast of Harry Potter because not only do I own every single DVD but will watch them on TV if I'm too busy to put the DVD in and can just switch the remote to any of those movies - they are my favorite while scrapping.  Office supply people.  Tool and toolbox manufacturers.  Kitchen & bath supply manufacturers.  Atlas, Mason and, especially in my case, Ball jar makers.  Aeropostale (because I have found that I scrap best in their Boyfriend sweatpants).  Ergonomic chair people.  Adobe (especially the Photoshop department).  Any and all computer manufacturer because while Facebook is good, it's not good enough for a new computer... scrapbooking is.  Nail Polish makers because I have to redo my nails so often.  Ponytail holder people - who has time for a haircut when I have scrapping to do.  Baby wipe manufacturers.  Those fan guys.  Apple, Instagram, & Hipstamatic.  And HP, of course, because if I didn't scrap I would really have no need to print all these photos I take... I could just look at them on the device or computer and save them on the SDHC cards - oh and those guys too.  People who make eyeglasses.  And last but not least, pharmaceutical manufacturers because I wouldn't need half as many drugs if I didn't want to get out of bed and scrapbook.  Of course there are more - many more.  These are just right off the top of my head.  I think someone should buy some stock in me... I have some for sale.

Okay on to scrapping.  This first layout is brought to you by October Afternoon with some DCWV cardstock, Sassafras & Echo Park letter stickers, Studio Calico mistable stars and a little Doodlebug border sticker to boot:

This next layout (and it's adjoining close-up) is provided via Echo Park with a piece of Sassafras and Cardstock Warehouse black.  The thickers are from American Crafts, of course.  I created the journaling card and the tape (which is semi-transparent) from a printable I downloaded back in April and can't figure out where it came from:
And yes, that's my ingenius granddaughter playing Hide & Seek with herself in the photo (now that's creative for ya!!!).  And yes, my yellow strip is slightly crooked... oh well, it's only slightly and it just goes to show ya what happens when I'm tired.
Now if GiGi can get that creative, certainly you can go make something fun!
"Creativity is thinking up new things.  Innovation is doing new things." - Theodore Levitt

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