Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It Must Be Tuesday...

Thanks for requesting pics of my labors, but they'll have to wait until it's all finished... it's definitely a mess now!  My car is in the shop, so between that and the fact that my hands (and feet and back and body) aren't working so very well now, everything is at a standstill.  But I hope to have it all finished by the end of the weekend - if I can find a vehicle to help me haul the last (but important) things in.
In the meantime, I have started the Pretty Paper Party and am so very excited.  Unfortunately, I skipped the first Prompt because I just couldn't get my mojo.  But today I made up by doing 2 layouts for the 2nd Prompt:
Patterned Paper:  Daisy Ds, Echo Park; Stickers: American Crafts, October Afternoon; Buttons: American Crafts, Hampton Arts;
Patterned Paper: Crate Paper, Echo Park; Stickers: Echo Park, Paper Studio; Washi: Freckled Fawn; Journaling Tag: Little Yellow Bicycle; Tags: Amy Tangerine, Maya Road; Die Cut: Martha Stewart, October Afternoon
Anyway, the first layout is the first I've done for my new project.... which I have yet to mention.   My dad died in February last year (not the one I've lived with for the past 40 years obviously).  For Christmas I received the most wondrous box containing my grandmother's bible, a framed post card and about 100 baby pictures of my brother and me - they were marked 'Love, Dad'.  It was the most lovely gift from the most lovely woman who is my stepmother.  My brother received a box as well with momentos that were my dad's, to include a very expensive brand new cowboy hat (which my brother was totally overwhelmed by) and a note saying that I received the pictures so that I could scrapbook them for him. 
Okay, once the weeping over the gifts and sentiments were under control it dawned on me what she had said - scrapbook all those photos for my brother, what?!  Well yes, I had been planning on making a scrapbook for my brother, a lifetime kind of book indeed, but well... now I have to do it.  And we all know what 'have to' is: fun for about 2 minutes then just work - even if its a work of love.  Hmph.  Well maybe it will be done by his birthday in July... then again, quite probably a Christmas present.  But at any rate, that's what I've bought and saved those Daisy Ds papers for and, yes indeed, the time to use them is now.  So this is the first layout in the book of my precious brother (he really is worth it).  It's not sensational, in fact it's really not very good at all, but fortunately he'll never even consider that!  (And it does look better in person; and well, it will probably get changed eventually as they all do; and {insert excuse #3}).  I just kind of lost my way... my mojo really is sucking right now but I do really need to scrapbook.
Anyway, the second layout was done from a provided sketch.  The journaling isn't near enough to tell the story of the day and what that title is all about, so I am still thinking that part over and how exactly it will change in the near future.  But that's basically the story of all my layouts:  it's done for today and I'll just stew on it a while.
So, what are you working on?  Important thing... stay creative.
"The thing that makes a creative person is to be creative and that is all there is to it." - Edward Albee


  1. Dang it! I typed this really nice comment and apparently it didn't go through!! ARGH. What I wanted to say was how your pages look lovely and the colors/papers are awesome and how you're such a great scrapbooker and doing such a wonderful job in Shimelle's class...but then I read your comment on MY blog and was laughing so hard that I think I'll take it ALL BACK!!!!! LOL!!!! Do I smell SARCASM???????? =D AND you haven't posted anything in 24 hours so I HOPE YOU'RE OK!!!!! Hugs to you, my BLOND!!!!!!! =D

    1. So I read this comment after I posted tonight... and there you are!!! No sarcasm... beautiful cards you're making. But hey, you post often, so a week away totally freaked me out! Hugs back acha.