Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oh my, it's definitely Wednesday...

Yes I'm doing the Pretty Paper Party... but I'm really not feeling so very pretty today.  I still haven't found my groove and am afraid that my mojo has gone AWOL.  I feel like I'm just going through the paces.  I'm getting some layouts done for my sweet bro's album, and I like them okay.  But then, inexpicably, the Scrap Goddess just zaps my creativity and I can't embellish a darn thing.  So wrong!! I'm sure part of it is the Crabby MS Bitch that's hanging over my shoulder right now.  I'm still so tired, have so much to do, in some definite discomfort, and can't wear shoes (neuropathy in my feet - can't even stand for my toes to touch the floor or the sheets).  While I am so very happy to have hooked up with old 'friends' from the Remix class, it just doesn't feel as... homey.  And the one single thing about Remix that I didn't like is definitely getting on my nerves again already. Oh well, I was going to take the class on my own before I found out that there was going to be this semi-live run.

Thank goodness it's getting colder here.  I've moved myself into my new garage room and for the past week it has been so very warm.  But it started raining last night, and all through the day, and the weather is turning off very cool tonight - in the 30s!!! Yippee!  (For those who don't get it, I detest hot weather and worse, it exasperates my MS.  My theory is that I can always put on more clothes... well not shoes or socks right now... but I can only take off so many before the family starts screaming like banshees.  And yes, I live in Florida {insert heavy sigh}).  Anyway, maybe the change in weather will help my scrappiness. Cross fingers!

Let's talk about scrappiness for a moment.  My scrappiness is definitely not in kits.  I like the thought of buying a monthly kit.... you know - getting a little package of scrappiness each month to mingle in with my supplies to create new and exciting things.  And I understand how some people adore kits... everything from SC boxes that they can scrap down to the last bit, to making their own at home and scrapping from it until it's completely wasted.  But not me.  I do not like the idea of selecting papers from my stash, gathering up some embellies going about creating layouts with just those supplies.  In fact, I tried this a while back with just pulling supplies I might like to use on a layout of GiGi and TBFF (truest best friend forever); I ended up with a buttload of stuff in my packet and then used nothing but one single sheet and one single embellishment - everything else on the page came from everywhere else... and, because I was determined to use the supplies, it took me weeks to get that layout done and only finished once I decided to 'stray' back into my Stuff.  Honestly, that's why I have all this Stuff and try to strategically place it around my workdesk - so I can just grab and filter and wander through it all to find the perfect thing for that picture and that story.  You know what I mean?  So when I was in Scrap Remix I totally skipped the Prompt that called for me to do this.  This time I decided to give it a whirl. Disaster: it took me hours to pull 12 papers last night; and I liked them and was so proud... until I threw the photos I wanted to scrap on top of the stack. UGH. White papers, aged photos - no match.  So at 5:45am I started again and it only took about an hour.  I pulled about 15 papers with cream base and was so very proud to start my layouts.  But once I'd gotten three together (still working on that 3rd one), I was pretty much done with those papers.  I mean there's a few that I would like to continue working with, but I'm not liking the rest of them all that much.  So I'm just going to put them back and go back to my favorite way to scrap.... rustling through my papers until I find the perfect ones.  Just the thought of it makes me smile.
Well, like I said, I did get a couple of layouts done for my little bro's album so I'll let you see them.  Honestly, with being in this slump, if you see anything I can do to improve them - let me know!!! I'll consider each and every suggestion!

Patterned Paper:  Echo Park, October Afternoon, Pink Paislee, Sassafras; Diecuts, Journaling Card & Stickers: October Afternoon; Punch: EK Success; Pen: Sharpie; Ink: Ranger; Cute Baby Boy: My Mom
Patterned Paper: Cosmo Cricket, Crate Paper, Echo Park, October Afternoon; Stickers: American Crafts, October Afternoon; Diecuts: October Afternoon; Pen: Sharpie; Ink: Ranger
So that's about all for tonight.  Don't forget to use your creative eye to spot me some help... for that matter, go ahead and telepathically send me some creative juice!  At any rate, do something creative - it helps what ails ya.
P.S.  Where's Cynthia?
P.S.S.  I'm sorry, but I have to love today's quote as it applies so much to me today.
"Creativity is the sudden cessation of stupidity." - Edward H Land



  1. Cynthia has been without: power,phone, tv and internet for 24 hours!! AGH! I hate that I couldn't even get on here to tell anyone! And no, it wasn't cuz I didn't pay the bills. ;-) I think somebody plowed into something and it has taken those poor repair guys all day to get my entire 'hood up and running.

    In any event. I see nothing wrong with your pages!!! I LOVE them! I love the layouts, the colors, the photos! Now...what don't you like about them? Maybe you just have to do your little trick about hanging them up for a day or so until you can look at them with fresh eyes.

    And I really think it's so awesome you're doing this album for your brother. To have those photos available is such a sweet gift!!

    1. My poor Cynthia. I have been without those things for weeks at a time due to storms, but you know what?! It's worse when it's all sudden like that and you don't know what the deal is. At least with storm outages, you know it's coming, why it's happening, and you have your mindset from the get-go. Probably somebody drunk-drove into a transformer... I'm gonna find out who it was and come kick their butt (but I hope they're alright right now!). BIG HUGS!

    2. Oh, and I'm sooo glad you're back.