Monday, November 12, 2012

Why I Love Scrapbooking, Reasons 1 & 123...

Reason #123 - Scrapbooking Karma:  Do I believe in karma?  Well, I certainly believe in 'what goes round, comes round'.  Even more, today I believe in other karma... scrapbooking karma.  I suppose there are all kinds of scrapbooking karma and, of course, we've all experienced our share of scrapbooking karma whether we recognized it or not.  One remembered definite karma experience is the fact that I had spent months unable to get anything done and what I did get done took days for the simplest layout.  Then in April I spent 4 days scrapping my heart out during Shimelle's weekend... the fact that my MS gave me a small reprieve just in time for that weekend was definite karma. 
But today it was so blatant that I just had to share.  It started when I saw GiGi brushing her teeth in the bathroom.  I decided that the story behind her stance was one that I definitely wanted to scrapbook and immediately decided the title from a phrase GiGi said about why I took the picture.  Later I printed the photo and threw it in the felt box where I keep all those photos I want to scrapbook soon.  Even later, I read the Extended Play from my Scrapbook Remix class, decided that I would use the aforementioned photograph, and then, still later, chose the papers I would use for my layout based on my decided title.  Papers chosen, I retrieved my photo from the box and threw it into the bag... that's when I saw what had happened - the papers were a perfect match to the photo.  In fact, if I had chosen papers based on the photo rather than title, these would have been the exact papers I would have picked.  It was totally bazaar that it had worked out this way... or actually, scrapbooking karma.

We Have Teen Flamingo Genes...Cardstock: The Paper Studio; Patterned Paper: Echo Park; DieCuts: October Afternoon; Stickers: American Crafts, Echo Park, Simple Stories; Journaling Cards: Echo Park; Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie
This is also a prime example of the Number One Reason that I Love Scrapbooking:  If it weren't for scrapbooking, these stories would never be told.  My mother wasn't much into taking photos unless it was an 'occasion'; and even then, there's no photographs of many... and there certainly aren't narratives that go along with any of them. So unlike many who can go back and scrapbook moments in their childhood, that isn't the case for me.  Yes, it's great to scrapbook all those old photographs of my ancestors and document the information I researched adding the stories I heard from my grandmother.  And it is certainly grand to tell the narratives of each holiday, birthday, school & sporting event, vacation, etc.  But it's that peek into the everyday that means the most to me.  As scrapbookers, we not only capture the 'occasions', we have found the importance in the trivial moments, the fleeting memory...  we see the beauty and story in watching a young girl brush her teeth.  That makes us some of the luckiest people on earth.
Go find your creative karma... just look at all those trivial moments around you that need a story told!


"The best way to help people to maximize their creative potential is to allow them to do something they love. " -  Teresa Amabile


  1. Isn't it cool how things work together like that??!! =D I love the grid design on this page. And the colors are just fabulous!

    1. I have to admit that I love these colors as well. If I could do every page all bright & cheery in teals & pinks I think I would! Have a great day.

  2. Those are gorgeous colors. What a fun photo! Great story! Well done Nonna!