Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Scrapbooking Costs...

Okay, honestly, I've been a day behind since Saturday.  Sometimes I go ahead and write my posts for the next day when I think about what I want to write about... like Friday (10 Things) and today.  But instead of saving it for tomorrow and just being ahead of myself, I'm gonna do what I just do sometimes and post two in one day.  Mainly because it's my blog and I can do what I want (unlike real life where everybody has to say something about everything I do - house is getting way too small... but that's for another day when I have 10 Things I Want to Bitch About!!!!!!).  Anyway {in sweetest little Minnie Mouse voice ever}...

There was a discussion on the Scrapbook Remix forum regarding what we spend on scrapbooking.  I've named a few things that should probably be taken into consideration before being dispelled:

Adhesive, albums, classes, pens, good scissors and photo paper should never count as they are absolute necessities. Shipping never counts because it's like A/C in the car (really, I spend $300 and you're charging $20 more to ship that shit?!).  Gas for your car because you have to drive an hour for adhesive... for that matter, go ahead and write off your entire Hobby Lobby/Michaels/WalMart/etc. purchase because you wouldn't have spent that much if you didn't have to buy adhesive in the first place. Furniture for your scrap room... or a new house if your current one doesn't have space for a scrap room.  Going out and doing stuff just so you'll have new photos to scrapbook later.  A new camera for better photos on the layouts you show off in class galleries.  A new iphone so that you get instant updates on blogs & Prompts.  New Aeropostale sweats because they are the most comfortable things to wear while scrapbooking.  Fast food because you refuse to stop & cook in the middle of your scrapbooking furor.  The costs of your internet because you no longer have an LSS in your area/you need to download family Facebook pix/a new class just came online.  The power bill because you're burning lights througout the night finding a little scrapping peace after everyone goes to bed.  Pharmaceuticals that must be purchased for your poor aching back and neck.  New glasses because you've gone blind looking at the computer, putting your face up, down and sideways to check out your layouts, and reading blogs on your phone. Your grandchildren - period.   Surgeons' bills for that Carpal Tunnel.  New computer and photoprinter/scanner for taking classes, printing photos, scanning layouts etc.  Anything in the house caffeine related.  Any and all magazines as they serve as inspiration.  Any and all paper that a sketch, title or idea may be doodled on.  All purses/bags as there is probably a pen, scissors, photo or adhesive in them that came off  your scrap desk.  Paper towels, baggies and wax paper as they may be used for storing or cleaning scrap supplies.  Water bills for running to the bathroom after drinking all that caffiene during your scrapping frenzy.  A new top-load washer because the front-load leaked soaking the wire basket of Thickers on the floor in the kitchen (true story) and the $300+ it costs to replace those Thickers (didn't happen).  Candy & deodorant (who has time for real food and showers?!).  New DVDs/CDs to watch/listen to while scrapbooking.  Manicures... period.  New countertops in the kitchen because you can't get all the glue/paint off.  Brooms, vacuum cleaners, etc. for scrapping cleanup before company comes.  Tutors because "who has time to help with homework when I've got to scrap these pictures of you doing homework?!".  Candles to mask the smell of those dirty dishes that keep piling up while you're sitting at the kitchen table in scrapbooking hysteria.  Money spent paying your kids to smile at the camera.  All late payments on bills that haven't been paid due to your scrapbooking delirium. Hair stylists so that you can take a decent avatar photo for those comments on other people's scrappy blogs.   Doggy snacks so they'll just shut up and leave you alone.  Bank charges for overdrafting because 2Ps just put that October Afternoon stuff on sale and it's midnight & Studio Calico just put up the most awesome add-ons. New video camera so that you can actually watch sporting events after you get home because you were too busy taking photos to actually see anything while there.   Any and all gifts... (you know we only buy people gifts so that we can photograph the opening of them and scrapbook it later).  Hypnosis for recalling all those childhood memories.  Airline tickets...always (if you're going to fly somewhere you're going to photograph something you're going to scrapbook someday - thus, every flight is essentially a scrapbooking excursion).  New fans because scrapbooking is hard work.  All television, gaming consoles & satellite/cable bills because they're used to keep your family busy so they leave you alone while you're scrapping away.  Last but certainly not least, the psychiatrist/rehab center where your family finally just breaks down and sticks you.  But then I'm sure I missed something. Hmmm.

Scrap Away you Maniac!


"Creative individuals place a high value on fun because it enables them to soar in their other pursuits." - Jordan Ayan



  2. OK, this is seriously funny! I try to push the "cost" out of my mind!