Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A New Day, A New Page...

I think the best part of this class is the people I 'meet'.  Of course, I guess it goes with online scrapbooking participation. On the Shimelle Challenge Weekend in April I 'met' some wonderful women, a few who have changed my life:  my best blond (blog friend for the lazy; okay, I made that up) Cynthia  and, even though I've never seen her face, I absolutely adore her... without even knowing it she helped me through some rough days and I am eternally grateful for her hugs; and, Mandy who has a heart the size of the earth and does wonderful things for people the world over. I have no local friends in real life - not whining, just rather shy, busy, tired; and, all the friends I've ever made were from work or hang-outs... I do neither anymore.  I've only ever been to one crop in 13 years and made a few acquaintances there that I adore, but we have little in common so face-to-face conversation is hard for me after the first 10 minutes and I become uncomfortable. Then here I am online at the Scrapbook Remix class and all these people that I get tidbits from here and there are special to me... there's one whose homelife seems similar to my own, someone that 'says' things that I have to double-check to make sure it didn't come from me, a lady that was so sweet it made me want to get on a plane right now and go meet her (and I hate to fly!), and so many many more.  What an experience these online classes and crops are! I never knew! I am so thankful that I found out during this juncture of my life... it's exactly what I need.  I'll be sad when it's over.

WooHoo... Prompt!

Here's what I've been doing:

Cardstock: The Paper Studio; Patterned Paper: Crate Paper, Pink Paislee; Journaling Spot: Echo Park; DieCuts: October Afternoon; Stickers: American Crafts, Echo Park; Flair: American Crafts; Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie

Cardstock: The Paper Studio; Patterned Paper: Crate Paper, Echo Park; Journaling Spots:K&Co; DieCuts & Buttons: October Afternoon; Stickers: American Crafts, Echo Park; Flair: American Crafts; Tag: Office Depot; Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie

Cardstock: The Paper Studio; Patterned Paper: Crate Paper, Echo Park; Washi Tape: October Afternoon; Stickers: American Crafts; Wood: Studio Calico; Tag; Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie

Cardstock: The Paper Studio; Patterned Paper: Crate Paper, Echo Park, Fancy Pants; DieCuts: October Afternoon; Stickers: Echo Park, The Paper Studio; Flair: Ink: Ranger; Pen: Sharpie
Yes, there is a common thread through these pages!
Note: That picture of me & mom is seriously bad due to the photo paper I used.  I always tell mom not to waste her ink on anything less than Advanced Photo Paper, and there I did it because it was late at night and my legs wouldn't let me drive (been having some serious MS flair the last few days and everything has to pay - at least I can still sit in my chair, scrapbook and use my computer! - life is actually good!). 
Anyway, after skipping a few Prompts, finally got one done.  For a few weeks, due to technical difficulties, the Prompts were coming slower and I was chomping at the bit waiting for the next one after finishing my layouts.  Then life and MS got in the way and I fell behind.  (I'm not even sure what I missed, so have to go back and figure all that out.)  Now we have an extra week of class, the Prompts are coming fast and furious and I'm working as fast as I can.  WooHoo!!! On top of falling behind, I have discovered extra challenges that I missed in a few of the previous Prompts, so I will be doing this throughout December while awaiting taking the Pretty Paper Party in January (a group of Remixers are all going back and taking the class)... unless of course Shimelle comes up with something else!  Also want to take the Cover to Cover class about figuring out your albums - yes, this is the one I whined about back in May - so happy to finally get to take that!
Ah-oh, Prompt reminder... Gotta go scrap... you should too!
"Nothing is more exciting and bonding in relationships than creating together." - Steven R Covey


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! You crack me up...and make me cry! I'm so glad we "found" each other in Shimelle's challenge!! Blond. I'm definitely not blond--although I'll take the Honorary Title! Love that! =D I also love your pages. Is that GiGi up at the top? What the HECK did they do to her poor back???

  2. Just popping in from the Remix class to say how much I like your pages, and am admiring how you are keeping up with all the prompts - I feel light years behind! Your patterned papers really support your photos, and don't overwhelm them or your journalling. Have enjoyed looking at them!

    1. Thanks so much for coming by Alexa... not keeping up so well at the moment I'm afraid. But I do try to always ensure the photos are the focus, even if I've scrapped them before with another story (which I've been known to do since 'hooking up' with Shimelle). I haven't even gotten a chance to look at the galleries well lately, I found a whole page the other day I missed in one of them... I'm going to go back through really well once I've gotten all the prompts and the class is 'officially' over.

  3. Thanks for your kind words (squidge).
    Got my happy face on today cos by big son is coming home for his Birthday. He will no longer be a teenager as from tomoro (sat 24th). Twenty years ago tomorrow I became a Mummy. Can't wait and we're all going out for Chinese food (his fave). Have a fab weekend and I do enjoy all your inspiring LOs.

  4. You've made some lovely pages....and I agree with Alexa about how well your papers support the photos....I know Shimelle sometimes makes her background page before choosing photos.....but I always pick the photos first.

    1. Thanks so much Jacky... I'm been admiring your pages in the galleries as well. As far as choosing the photos vs paper, mine runs about 50/50 - sometimes I choose the paper based on the story then add the photo, sometimes I choose paper photo in-hand... the way it turns out is completely based on karma. I have made pages where the photos didn't seem to take center-stage and was really unhappy. So now, I tend to make the page design work with the photos more than the actual papers. (Does that make sense?)