Sunday, September 1, 2013

Just when i thought it was safe...

and my mojo was creeping in... and my new kit came in... and mom paid for a great order for my birthday... Yes, the day USPS brought me two boxes of sheer scrappiness, Hairy Pawter snuck outside.  Short version:  He was traumatized before i realized he was outside, i was carrying him in when by big outside cat approached, it terrified him as i was trying to open the door to put him inside, he bit my hand - HARD.  Now my right hand looks like a baseball glove, I am in extreme pain all the way up my arm, I'm taking antibiotics and going for xrays Tuesday if the swelling doesnt stop getting bigger.

WARNING:  Cat bites are one of the most dangerous animal bites.  Look this up so that you'll know ahead of time if this ever happens to you (instead of waiting 14 hours to go to ER like I did).  something about the cat enzymes mixing with the natural staph in your body, i'm too tired to remember.  just want you to be aware - and yes, he's had all his shots in the last couple of months.

This is my hand today:

anyway i'm over and out (again) for a while as i really am having a terrible time trying to type with my left hand.

stay safe and scrap on


  1. OH MY GOSH.



    Sending get well wishes and praying get well fast prayers! Oh, and careful hugs too!! ;-)

  2. ouch! that looks so sore..... hoping that it is improving xxx

  3. OK. It's been a week....are you better????