Thursday, May 23, 2013

It Just Makes Me Sad...

and I've probably said it before, but when I scrap it up and am using a lot of paper, there's this love/hate situation.  I love that I'm using up papers (especially as it justifies buying more!) but hate that almost each sheet is gone.  You know, those lovely sheets that when you go back through your inventory and realize aren't there anymore just gives you a little pang of regret.  And often I go buy more of those particular sheets, only to wish I had spent that money on new paper instead.  But then sometimes, just sometimes, I'm glad to make the new purchase of the same old stuff... especially if I like both sides equally but even when I just looove one side.  For instance, the Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm navy floral (yes it has a name, but I'm just too lazy to go check that out - besides, you'd recognize it better by 'navy floral') - I LOVE this paper.  I could actually use this paper every single day and not blink... and funnily it was one of those papers that when I first laid eyes on it I just wasn't overly impressed - but I've definitely gone through a few sheets  and almost bought more today!  I know, I know, I did the same thing with some of the 5th and Frolic - and that tells me that, despite fighting it tooth and nail, Dear Lizzy has become one of my favorite lines (well it is American Crafts! but I just hope the next collection doesn't bomb and make me look stupid!).  So, even after I've used those lovely papers and am so very proud of the layouts they've created, I'm drawn to buying more because I 'miss it' in my stash. 

I did make my monthly purchase today but my purchase power was very minimal this month as I'm taking the kids to Tampa at the first of June.  In fact, I only bought about 6 sheets of paper - and yes more than one was Dear Lizzy, one was AT Yes Please, and whatever else was from past collections as well.  Actually the entire purchase was mainly made up of... you got it, WOOD!  I also purchased several closeout Flairs & tapes. All that from Two Peas.  Then I made a tiny little purchase from A Cherry on Top of - more wood! and twine.  But ACOT is having a 20% off sale (code in newsletter) and as long as you don't purchase paper, the shipping is almost nothing.  So this months kit - about $50 with shipping - was almost entirely made up of embellishments.  And I'm okay with that because it will probably be July before I can get any new pictures printed and by then I'll have the next months kit - which will be almost all paper goods.    Besides, even with all that I used with the NSD challenges at Pretty Paper.True Stories., I've got plenty left - especially big scrap pieces. 
So anyway, I still haven't scrapped a thing - still working on getting things straightened up to get back to my workstation.  But the weekend will be a big scrap event for me... I HOPE!  But I did want you to know what's out there.  Remember to check out Two Peas sale items (almost all the DL is on sale!); even if you're a 'current' scrapper, they have some great embellishments and items that aren't all that very old (think SC mistable stars, Glitz journaling cards, etc.).  Also, remember the Memorial Day sale at ACOT... while they don't carry Freckled Fawn, everything old and new is included (even shipping) and they do have a few things that are out of stock at Two Peas (shhhh).
Hope everyone has a great weekend, Happy Memorial Day! Be scrappy!


"Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort."
- Franklin D. Roosevelt


  1. I can't wait to see what your Weekend Scrap Event produces!! =D And yes, I too feel sad when I use up certain papers. Today I did what you were talking about--I bought 2 more sheets of a design I just used on a page. But it's just SO DARNED CUTE. I couldn't help myself!! And yes, I too have a slight...ahem...addiction to wood veneer stuff. Oh man but it's cool!! =D

  2. Great post! I know exactly what you mean. What amazes me the most is, like you said, when you really don't feel drawn to a certain pp or collection at first. But the more you see it, the more you have to have it & it becomes a favorite! lol!

  3. Hey, thanks for all the sweet comments over on my blog! I appreciate them mucho!!! Hugs to ya!!