Wednesday, July 2, 2014

OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

That being said, I will start at the beginning.  On Sunday, I grabbed a couple of photos, loaded my tray up, took it to my bed, and worked on a layout (all day long).  When I finished, I sat my tray back on my desk and put my layout on my easel - it still needed the journaling which I absolutely could not do Sunday night.
I should interject here that there is a door from my scrap room/GiGi's bedroom which goes into the garage.  So Monday, I went into the garage refrigerator for something and when I came back into my scrap room, I noticed that several items on my layout were either askew or totally knocked off. Hmmm - that's strange.  So I just took the layout down and started to repair it when... lo and behold... something wiggled out of my scraps basket.
I have an Ikea 4x4 Expedit.  My scraps basket is on the first vertical row - 3rd cube from the bottom.  It takes up most of that area and the reason it is there is because when I sit at my desk I can just reach in a grab a handful of paper to go through.  On the 2nd and 3rd vertical rows - 2nd cube from bottom - are the Target bins of colored cardstock and fave patterned paper (respectively)...perfect for flipping through and grabbing 12x12 sheets.
Back to the wiggling.  Yes, a nice black snake slipped from my scraps basket into the bin of colored cardstock - I was literally standing right beside the scraps basket - about 12-18 inches from the black wiggly.  So of course, I ran out of the room screaming "There's a snake in my paper!!!!".  Thank goodness of my brave daughter and grandson, they went in the room, found it again (of course it had moved - behind the stacks of supplies that have no other than under the shelf I have behind my desk.  There's a lot of stuff there, plus a shelving unit for the TV, plus another small cabinet, plus the desk chair and of course the things that had to come out of the Expedit.  After a couple of hours, they finally chased it out into the garage through that door.
Needless to say - there were more OMG! moments to follow - when I walked back into the room to see all the stuff everywhere.  I mean, to the point that I can find absolutely nothing.  Who knew that I had soooooo much stuff shoved into that 5x6 spot???!!! I literally can't get to the king-size bed in GiGi's room. Which leads to the next OMG! moment....
It's 150-degrees in that room!  First there is no A/C there so the only way it's cooled is whatever air comes in through the laundry room and the fan that sits in the middle of the room.  But, by the time that main door had been shut two hours, and the garage door open for two hours, it felt like a sauna.  So needless to say, I can't find anything, I can't hunt for anything, I can't put anything away, no one can sleep in there.  (I have no clue where that layout I was repairing is currently.)
Then in the middle of this crisis, GiGi's iphone has flipped out and has to be sent back to Apple.  I can't help but feel so sorry for her as she LIVES on her phone - SnapChat, FaceTime, camera, text, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  There have been actual tears and sobbing randomly for a couple of days.  So she has my phone, which I admit I live on: all my email, blogs, texts, calendar, google, meds reminder, Instagram, Facebook, camera.
And dad's been to the doctor with no good news.
So life goes on here - no scrappiness in this house.  But thought I'd share why I'll be gone for a few days - I know I don't usually, but this time I can actually see it coming.

Hope everyone is well and relatively normal.

Stay Safe and Scrap On!


  1. OMG indeed! Wowser was it a poisonous one? Sounds like a lucky escape.... so sorry to hear about all the mess though and the heat and the phones......keeping my fingers crossed that it all gets back to normal soon xxx

  2. You have GOT to be the only person in the history of the world to yell, "There's a snake in my paper!" I'm sorry, I totally laughed at that! ;-)

    But I DO hope things settle down for you--and that you had a very calm and snake-free Fourth of July too!