Monday, July 8, 2013

More Vacation Layouts...

As I listed all my products on the last post, I will forgo it this time.  Still raining and windy here, so the photos are exceptionally bad - but as they needed put away, I decided they needed posting:

I'm still watching some great movies on TCM, Netflix, Hulu and anywhere else I can set my eyes on them, but tonight my recommendation is not a movie but some YouTube for your entertainment.  You see, as hard as I try, I am not the creative or intelligent person in my family; that would be my brother.  He not only paints, carpenters, and anything else he puts his mind too, he's also a very talented musician - he literally can play any instrument he picks up.  He's also an amazing computer/video guy. So, if you love a good ballad or need a good laugh, I am recommending this video for starters (then take a listen to The Ballad of Charlotte Hyde and Hands of Loar on his channel).  These videos are not only produced by my brother, but he plays all roles in those that require a male (with his wife in female roles); as well as writes the songs, plays all instrumentation and mixes it in his little studio room (his 8x8 room is much more productive and creative than mine!!!).  I hope you enjoy it - if so give it a 'like'; if not, don't hold it against me as next time I promise to go more mainstream.

Well, hope everyone is well and creative - stay safe and scrap on!

And that's all she wrote.

"It is better to create than to be learned, creating is the true essence of life." - Barthold Georg Niebuhr


  1. Love Love LOVE the photo strip layout! Great use of washi tape. I have that kind so its a definite scraplift for sure!

    1. Thanks so much Susan!! I've always had a love of Photo Booth strips and now scrapping them is even more fun. I find that (unless you're Shimelle) almost every strip has at least one photo that you wish you could do over. It's this imperfection that makes them so much fun to scrap because you can just go crazy and it turns out perfectly fine - if 'Anything Goes' in the booth, then certainly 'Anything Goes' on the layout!

  2. Every time I scrolled down to another page, I said to myself, "Oooo, THIS one's my favorite!!!" I am LOVING all the layers and colors and sweet little embellishment clusters! The photos are awesome! YOU GO GIRLIE!!

    And then I had a little look over on your brother's YouTube page. And I laughed and laughed and LAUGHED!!!!!!! Those two are hilarious! Love the dead cat! LOL!!!! Thanks so much for sharing the link...I'm going back for more! ;-)

    1. Thanks so much Cynthia... you're so kind. I'm so happy that you're liking them. I feel like I'm on some kind of scrap-meth, I just want to cut & glue constantly!!! It makes my unmopped floors worth it if you feel they're worthy!
      Also, thank you for visiting my bro's videos! There's some lovely music on there as well, but he's great at creating some craziness! He has the best sense of humor (and is the quietest guy) I know! Please let him know if you enjoyed them, he needs the encouragement - and then maybe he'll make more craziness!