Saturday, July 13, 2013

Evolution of Scrapping Insanity....

Let me start by saying that the little 'area' of Navarre, Florida is totally built on swamp land.  At one time all of this was a swamp and was drained or filled or whatever in order to make neighborhoods. So it comes as no surprise that when we received about 6-8 inches of rain on July 2-4, our lawns definitely flooded.  Since that time, it has rained literally  What does this mean? Well, for one thing, the ground is still soggy with water standing everywhere.  Second, when the sun is out and we get our 90 degree weather, the humidity rising from the ground brings the temperature up to about 108.  Then, because mowing is impossible, the grass is 6-36 inches high causing the bugs to be atrocious.  Finally, it is starting to smell like a swamp around here during the day.  At any rate, it was raining all day again on Thursday.

Chapter 1
So as I was just sitting there watching The Hobbit (for the 110th, 111th, 112th.... time), I decided it would be a good day to do the journaling page for my vacation pics.  This one differs from the 'Trip Notes' because its actually journaling about what we experienced during our vacation as opposed to our road time.  When I started the layout, I had pulled out my embellishments of wood & flair, created a pinwheel, and attached all.  Then it started... I put something else on, and then something else, and then more until I had spent the entire day adding stuff to the layout.  There must be 100 embellishment items on this one page (I really haven't any desire to actually count them).  It literally looks like someone threw up scrapbooking supplies.  Now that I'm finished, my mind still gets scrambled when I put the layout in front of me and I can't get my thoughts together to actually do the writing!

I'll photograph it again when I actually get the writing done, but just wanted to show you how insane I can get on a rainy day when JC's on Xbox and I can't watch Netflix. (NOTE:  The first actual embellishment attached to the layout - the pinwheel - is no longer on the page. Hmmmm....) But you know what is my absolutely favorite thing on the entire page? This...

I put one of these little stickers on the Two Kids One Monkey layout and in both cases it has absolutely transformed the page.  Who knew?  And why did I put so much more on the page when this little flower I added at the beginning was so very perfect?  Well, who knows... I just went totally insane.  But I have to admit, it was really very fun!

Chapter 2
So to bring my mind back into reality and to calm my nerves from all that excitement, I scraplifted Cynthia on Friday.  Not only did I grab the simplicity of the layout, but I even used my Doodlebug letters that have sat untouched for so long.  I simply love it but I'm not sure where I'm going to put it.

See.. I took these photos outside; and, while I was photographing the layouts, the humidity started to do it's thing.  By the time I got to this one, the adhesive on the pink paper was coming up!

Chapter 3
These are the two I did on Wednesday.  They seemed to have gone pretty quickly - especially the Meerkats.  The upside is I actually did laundry that day and a few things around the house.  Plus I did GiGi's hair color.  So it was a busy day and the layouts didn't get finished in time for photos.  Good thing these things don't rot before I get around to photographing them.

Chapter 4
This layout was done Tuesday evening.  It sat for days while it rained and I couldn't take any photos. Then it happened!!! I woke up in the middle of the night... I had forgotten to put the tickets on the layout!  So off I went to the scrap desk to pull up one of the photos and work in that Pebbles pocket with the tickets stuffed in.

Chapter 5

This is the one that I did today... only spent about a few hours on it - but then I was talking to mom on the phone through most of that time.

Chapter 6

I was also very happy that you commented on the last post.  Susan, I can't believe you gave away your Cuttlebug and embossing folders... but then I remember you got a Cameo for Christmas (I don't know anything about those except the awesome cutting, so the embossing surprises me!)... still I don't think I could ever do without the ease of throwing my 'bug on the desk and doing a quick emboss for a card or scallop cut for a layout that I decided I needed at the last moment.  Furrypig, it doesn't take long to start a mighty stash in this craft and I still buy many older things at discount (think Sassafras, American Crafts papers and Thickers no longer stocked anywhere else) so am constantly restocking my old and using my new.  Cynthia... washi, wood veneers, flair and pearls/enamel dots/metal dots don't seem to be going anywhere so I really don't think that's a trend (except that SC discontinues things like 'potty people', etc. which is ridiculous since they could always be used on layouts for kids, travel, etc. and wood is still so very popular. I really hate that discontinuing thing just because it's not the very latest (a year is not so very old to do staple items) - so I do tend to buy several when I buy any - like 4 packs of stars - so that I have them a while after everyone else thinks they're so passe)). Think sequins... I put them on layouts 8 years ago and I'm putting them on layouts today.  And yes, the internet has definitely changed the way I scrap (Note:   I had subscriptions to CK and Scrapbooks Etc for 10 years straight and still scrapped like crap!).  If you guys do blog post about the things you hold onto, techniques you adored and miss or any other 'Remember When' subjects, please post a link in the comments so that we can all go there.

While we're on the subject, what's everyone's fave new paper picks?? Do you ever buy paper because you think "oh, that will go so well with this crap I've had in my stash forever!"?  Even though my monthly purchase is still 10 days away, I thumbed through the latest and greatest in a few online stores last night.  Oh my, I didn't find anything brand new that caught my eye - except the I {heart} Summer and What a Wonderful Day that I've been using lately.  It was very disappointing, so I'm hoping someone has some tips... sometimes it just takes seeing it with a new viewpoint in mind - like the MME Collectible that I wasn't overwhelmed with until Susan started raving, then I checked it out again, found several lines of the one collection and loved it.  At this rate, I'll be buying more MME Skys the Limit and Kate & Co (because I love it!) and maybe more of the Fancy Pants WAWD to pair with Lucky Charm on layouts of anything other than Tampa layouts. 

Well, I'm almost done with my trip layouts - both physically and mentally! Gonna have to find a new adventure to scrap about!  But I absolutely must catch up on Shimelle soon - it's actually been weeks since I really paid any attention to her (think she's missing me?!! LOL!).  I'm sure that she's been doing some awesomeness lately that I need to be inspired by.  Luckily, yesterday I had a chance to roam around the web (if you read here, please comment even just a "HI" so that I can follow your name to your blog and check you out). You guys have been doing some great stuff  and I've really enjoyed checking out all your blogs - I've been inspired by your craftiness and I've been jealous over what you do and where you live!  If I found the button (couldn't quite figure it out on a few) then I subscribed.  Also, I put Google Chrome in as my new internet engine (in lieu of Internet Explorer) and set up my home page - really going to miss iGoogle, but I suppose this may work as well - and I have the app on my phone.  Anyway, now it will be so much easier to read my blog list... and that makes me happy!!!

Stay safe and Scrap On!

and that's all she wrote.

"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star." - Nietzsche


  1. Ch 1: Your "100 Embellishments" page is so ridiculously awesome I just can't stand it!!! That page blew me away! I LOVE IT.

    Ch 2: Awww, you scraplifted ME?? That's so sweet!! =D And I know what you mean about the rain. When the sun peeks out for 30 seconds, I try to find a dry place to drop my pages and get decent photos. Many MANY of my pages got warped that way!!!! LOL!!

    Ch 3: LOVE the turtle feet. SO CUTE! {Oh, did he survive his meeting with the gator??} Love the layers and the embellishments too. Really sweet pages.

    Ch 4: I am TOTALLY scraplifting this one. Love the layout and the layers. So cool.

    Ch 5: Love the gorgeous colors on this one. SO beautiful!!

    Ch 6: Because I live in such a small town, my scrapbook store isn't really into "current" anything. I usually see bits and pieces of lines several months after they have appeared. I don't usually buy lines anyway--just whatever paper and embellies catch my eye. But with that said, I'm loving the new Tim Holtz papers. OH yes. ;-)

  2. Hiya thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment... I love how scrapbooking and blogging can connect people throughout the world! Anyway, I am not sure if you know about UKScrappers a big online community over here in GB?? Well Shimelle has been doing a free class (yep totally free!) It is over 6 weeks and I have only completed the page for the first week, but it is a great class. Here is the link so you can join in or take a peak at least....

  3. PS meant to say I love the 100 embellishment page and it doesn't look too OTT as there is all the white space that totally balances it.... I also want to know did the Turtle survive the meeting with the alligator??