Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy December!!! (and Boy/Friends)

Well, here we are in did that happen???  Black Friday is behind us and the many sponsored programs to document your December are among us.  I must admit that if I were to choose one it would be Shimelle's, but then I can't figure out how that works. So I have opted to not take on that expense for something that I surely won't be able to complete.  Like Project Life, I cannot imagine sitting in the house as remotely interesting...what to document - that I watched I Robot twice today and then paid bills online???  But then again, I do own more than a share of PL cards...ah, addictions!  I know that most everyone else does a version, and I am truly admire you all.

However, Rukristin's monthly email did start me thinking about some December items I want to put in my scrapbooks.  I love her emails, and she has become inspirational in my thought processes if nothing else.  She is sticking in some 'Currently' sticky notes throughout her December documentation - I love Currently's and do them in my journal thoughout the year - what a fab idea!  Also, she brought up the traditions, specifically non-traditional type traditions, which reminded me that I definitely want to document the few that we have and even the intermittent ones (like the fact that I love making cookies but that doesn't always work out) and how all have transgressed over the years.  
But then lets remember, this from the person that didn't cook Christmas dinner last year (OMG!!!) nor have I scrapped last year's Christmas pix (WHAT????).

One other word my fellow HP fanatics...Rukristin is also doing a book club event this month (utilizing a Facebook page) with the re-reading of the Harry Potter saga and discussions regarding the stories.  How fun does that sound??? Everyone is invited and what better way to end a stressful day than a chat with like-minded Harry-ophiles {made up word}.

Well, for good measure I'm going to throw in a few layouts I did over the past few months. There are a few boy layouts I have done of JC lately and a couple of GiGi with friends (using Shimelle of course).

This one uses Pebbles as the background with Bella Blvd Max camo and OA chevrons and an old PP gray dot mat.  (I really like the starry background because he always goes into the garage at night to get his fishing gear ready for the next morning.)  Blue Fern chipboard colored with Distress Paint provides the title.

The background is BB and the mat is Echo park - pretty good match!  (And thanks to for the free orange tape!) I'm actually doing this a second time with a photo of his dish for our family album.

Okay, I'll admit it...when I saw this Echo Park mini-kit, I knew I had to have it and I knew what it would be used for.  It's kind of busy with all the patterns but geez, we're talking video games!!! 

Thank  you Shimelle & Maggie Holmes for making life beautiful.  Oh, and Pebbles with all the glorious gold foiled paper& thickers!

More of those bows! This time I used two different papers (6x6 is best I find) to make contrast looking bows.  Although I used almost the same exact items and design for these layouts (they go into different albums), they look so different due to the background - the kraft really masculates {made up word} the pretty stuff.

Well, back to the real world.  I hope this finds everyone well and scrappy.  Take care of yourselves!

Stay Safe and Scrap On!

“To be an artist means never to avert one's eyes.” - Akira Kurosawa


  1. Ooooo, these are fabulous!!! LOVE. That video game layout is so cool--the papers are just awesome. And you know I love your gorgeous layers! And those BOWS. *swoon* Plus, I totally have to check out Rukristin's emails. I took a class from her way back, but I didn't know she sent out emails. Thanks for the head's up!! :-)

  2. oh oh I got Rukristin's emails and have joined her HP book club but haven't actually said anything there yet but it is great reading! Loving your pages and especially all the gold....planning on using gold in my JYC this year xxx