Thursday, February 27, 2014

Life Scrapped...

This isn't about a great technique, new paper, and especially not about actually getting a good photo of my layout.  This is about scrapping life... something I just can't stress enough - at least once in a while.

Even if you don't have anyone you think will ever be interested in your stories, there may come a time when you are.   Not everyone has a wealth of memories and certainly the older we get the less we remember.  It seems everyday I lose more of my own memories.  I don't know if it's caused by age (though I hope at 52 that's not an issue), my illness or stress - probably a combination of everything.  But whatever the cause, I am constantly reminded how I don't remember so much... and it makes me so very very sad.  I hope this never happens to anyone, but it can.  This is one of the reasons that I scrapbook the kids so much; why there are annual albums of the main events and layouts of just everyday stuff... not just for them but because I can't remember much of anyone's childhood.

It is because of this that I grab whatever memories I can.  When I came across this photo, it reminded me of so many things that happened in 1987.  Such a horrid year - nights in the ER in horrible pain, a hysterectomy at the age of 25, and four months later finding the lump in my breast.  But there were sweet and funny moments as well - my daughter getting up at 6am to set up the Monopoly board and then waiting hours for me to get around to playing, Thanksgiving at my grandmother's house with the entire family, all my aunts gathering in my grandma's tiny kitchen just feet away from the men folk to feel my breast, my step-dad talking me into reconciling with my dad when I wasn't about it at all.  I felt that it was imperative, for my own sake, to get everything down while I remembered it.  Also, I may stumble upon other photos that were taken that year, but this is the one that reminds me of everything.

This is an original photo which I am oh so happy to use and get out of the boxes; but I did scan it - and may use it again if a story calls for such a photo.  Plus, it's the first layout since getting back to my desk that I've really mixed it up with the paper lines - I used Crate Paper DIY Shop, Maggie Holmes Flea Market, Dear Lizzy Polka Dot Party, MME Find Your Wings and October Afternoon Woodlands Park... most of which came from my scrap basket!!! I also mixed it up with the embellishments and stamped on the layout!!  This is definitely a WooHoo layout all the way around.  But what makes it one of my favorite layouts definitely isn't because of any of that - it certainly isn't the prettiest layout I've ever put in an album... it's one of my favorite layouts because every time I look through my album I will see that little 8-year old girl with her Monopoly board.

I hope everyone is well and remembering to grab those glimpses every chance they get.

Stay Safe and Scrap On!

“The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne.” - Geoffrey Chaucer


  1. I love this page! I love the awesome layers, of course, but I love most of all the photo--and how it reminds you of so many things. I totally agree with you that we should document those types of memories. That's really why I scrap in the first document and to remember and really--to not forget.

  2. Love this layout! I love how one picture could trigger so many memories for you. There was a Shimelle class that had us go through an exercise to recall memories. I need to find that and get it going. Thanks! ~forty9rfans~ on Shimelle forum.