Thursday, February 7, 2013

Scrapese Definitions - Part I

Okay, we all know that my '10 on the 10th' never ever get posted on the 10th.  This month is no exception; but, this month they're going to be early rather than late. Ha!
As a result of the comment left by Susan, I think it's time for a little literary lesson.  I cannot figure out why we have the Scrapbook Encyclopedia, but not a Scrapbook Dictionary (besides, I'm sure it would be wrong even if someone did one).  So I am starting one as of this.very.minute.  I don't have many specific scrapping words in my repertoire just yet, but it is growing and I plan to update this subject in the future... especially with your help.  I mean to incorporate all the scrap/blog-ese into one little place so that we may reference it as needed.  And you may add to at will by leaving a comment at anytime, regardless of that day's subject and ramblings - just pipe on in with your random wordage.  I know that many of these words are specific to me, but maybe understanding them can help you understand what the heck I'm talking about.  So shall we begin with my top scrapese definitions:

  1. Scrapese - Obviously, scrapbooking related wordage.
  2. Blond - a person whom you have probably never met face-to-face but have become fast friends within Blog World - probably 'meeting' over a scrapbooking event.
  3. Scrapping - Verb or adverb.  The act of scrapbooking or to describe a person who performs scrapbooking. ("She's a scrapping genius for scrapping about trash pickup.")  One should note though, that if I am scrapping, I am most likely scrappy.
  4. Scrappy - Scrap Happy. I do not use this term lightly. It does not mean (to me) just anything scrap-related. When I get my 2Ps box in the mail, I am scrappy. This can also describe just sitting down and getting into my scrapping mojo.  And that leads us to:
  5. Scrappiness - Scrapbooking Happiness. Again a very specific word in my vocabulary. When I am in my little corner, surrounded by pretty paper, lovely letters, and darling doodads, I am at the height of my scrappiness as it is my scrappy place.
  6. Scrapgazim - Hooray Susan! An orgasmic reaction as the result of seeing, feeling and smelling pretty paper. I love this word. Susan obviously lives next door to Archivers!
  7. Scrapends - Scrapbooking friends - not little pieces of paper all over the floor. These can be in your actual real life or online.  And while Blonds can be Scrapends, I like Blonds better!
  8. Scrapped - One of the few words that can have two very different meanings.  Either it has been glued on a layout, or it has been tossed in the trash - hmmm. Must reread any sentence this is placed in as I have done both in that order. 
  9. Scrapworthy - Virtually anything and everything.  Ticket stubs, tags from clothes, broken legs, the moth that flew into the glue on my layout.  This can also describe all those items you were rating 1-10 on their 'scrappiness' before you knew the true meaning - it's actually the Scrapworthy Rating System (SRS) and besides, most of those things that are scrapworthy are actually adding to our scrappiness.
  10. Therapy - Okay, you thought you knew what this meant... but to me it's:  Scrapbooking as therapy.  This is what I do best.  Suffering from manic depression/BPD, a good session of scrapbooking can make me a whole new person (and the people around me appreciate it!).  Creating something is seriously good for the mind and soul.
And one to grow on:
  • 11.  Scrapaholic - Me.  A person who puts scrapbooking above many other mundane aspects of their lives (cleaning, eating, bathing, paying the cable bill, etc.) or who actually saves all those ticket stubs, tags, pieces of casts, moths, etc. because it will need to be scrapped later.  This also describes people who hoard scrapbooking supplies.  At it's worst, you may see someone who hasn't showered in several days, hair disheveled, in pajamas, huffing pretty paper one sheet after another.
And on an even more personal note:  I am the worst of hoarders.  I realized this today as I was looking at a slideshow of the layouts I have made for Pretty Paper Party.  I noticed that I had actually used some of the embellishments and papers I recently purchased.  Specifically my flair.  I love flair.  I have been collecting (& losing) flair since I was a teenager and the top of my visor had little things that said "Really Occifer, I'm not as think as you stoned I am" & "It's 4:20 somewhere" all the way up to a few years ago (before flair made it's big scrapbooking splash) I found 2 little green & red tinpins that said "Merry" "Xmas" and wore them for 2 months (that includes 3 weeks after Christmas) and the "I am Loved" pins that are stuck on everything, everywhere.  Anyway, I was looking at the slideshow and my mouth dropped open when I saw the flair... really, I actually glued it down to that layout.  Not that I didn't love the layout; not that it wasn't a very important story to be told (as opposed to the "for fun" layouts I've been known to produce just because I'm a scrapaholic); not because it didn't match - but simply because I have the hardest time actually using my supplies.  It's almost as if I buy it but not for consumption.... it's just weird!  I complain because I have so much that I just don't use - I buy it because I see it and think it's so very beautiful and never think about what in the world I would actually use it on - not my style at all.  But flair is my style.  It's perfect for the layouts I'm currently creating.  So why that little wince when I actually saw it on a layout even though it worked perfectly?  Because if it's there, what if I need it for another layout?  If it's there, I don't have it anymore.  If it's there, I've used it so now I need to buy more.  And then... a deep breath... a heavy sigh... a small grin... I actually used my supplies.  I am soooo scrappy!

And just because I can, I'm adding a few of the creations from Pretty Paper Party but honestly, I just don't have the energy to say what's on each project.  So if you want to know, just ask!

 Cards made from 6x6 Amy Tangerine & Prima.  But for really great looking cards, you should visit Cynthia.

I just loved this blackboard frame paper from Fancy Pants Road House collection, but it was way too white for this layout - so I just dirtied it up with a Vintage Photo Distress pad. Also, no journaling... I have other Halloween layouts with the stories written, and this one may yet get a little; but if not, it's no big deal as it's pretty self-explanatory.

Yes, you've seen a similar layout before (while I was in Remix), this is the 2nd page to that.  Couldn't believe I lucked out with this Cosmo Cricket to match the balloons; and with pearls & rhinestones to match GiGi's dress.

No amount of bling on a layout could match GiGi's dress in this one... but I'll be scrapping the dress again, because that's a whole different story.  But as you know, I am loving the Dear Lizzy 5th & Frolic!

Okay, that does it for today.  It's raining buckets here and getting chilly, so it seems to be a great day for Harry Potter and scrapping.  But regardless of your weather, you too should go find your own scrappiness!


"I'm always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up every morning. Every day I find something creative to do with my life." - Miles Davis


  1. Really, really cool post. Love the definitions.

    Also, the pages are awesome too. I LOVE that wooden frame paper. Actually, ALL the papers on these layouts are perfect for the photos!

    We're getting the front edge of your rain right now. It's a great day to stay inside and get all scrappy. Or is it scrapphappy? Or.... ;-)

  2. Hey, Blond! Just stopping in to check on you and to wish you a very happy Valentine's Day!! Hugs!!!